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The following changes should be made to the Explorer Chartbook Exumas & Ragged Islands 7th ed., December 2013

  • P.66 Chart RI 9B: Course between Nairn Cay and Johnson Cut--distance should be 1.39 NM instead of 22NM. (Posted May 22, 2016)

    p. 27, Need-to-Know: Exuma Land and Sea Park has new mooring fee nightly rates Effective August 2014: Up to 39'11" $20; 40 to 39'11" $30; 50' to 59'11" $40; 60' to 69'11" $60; 70' to 89'11" $90; 90' to 119'11" $120; 120' to 150' $150. New are fees for boats 90' and over to anchor in the Park. Anchorage rates: 90' to 119'11" $120; 120' to 149'11" $150; 150' and over $200. (Posted August 7, 2014)

  • p. 50, Chart EX 30A: Remove the note on the lower left portion of the chart: "Bahama Houseboat moorings shown by symbol o". Replace with : "Anchoring is not permitted in Gaviota Bay, Hurricane Hole, and Cleaning Hole of Stocking Island. Moorings shown of the chart are under the management of the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership. For mooring rental, contact the Harbour Master or Kevalli House, St. Francis, or Wendell McGregor." (Posted March 19, 2014)

    p. 48, Chart EX 30: The buoy on the inside reef at the western entrance to Elizabeth Harbour has been replaced in a position slightly northwest of it's original position on the reef. The new buoy position is now at 23° 33.30' N/75° 48.35' W.

    The buoy was first placed on the reef by Harry Etheridge sometime during the 1950s, to warn mariners of the hazard. It has been maintained for a number of years now by Skip Hird of Eleanor M. Skip passed the torch on to Alan of Nutmeg for the buoy maintenance this year. (Posted March 13, 2014)

  • p. 49, Chart EX 30: Masters Harbour channel leading to George Town Marine near 23° 28.4' N/75° 43.8' W is no longer marked with red and green buoys and depths have shoaled to no more than 1.5 meters @MLWS.

  • p. 56, Chart EX 33: The stake shown near 23° 28.08' N/75° 41.47' W no longer exists. The stake marked the northern end of a small boat/shallow draft passage between Man of War Cay and Moriah Harbour Cay leading to Hartswell and the Ferry. The passage/route which is continued on page 56, Chart EX 33 has shoaled to close the passage to all but the shallowest of small boats near 23° 27.50' N/75° 41.40' W. (posted February 7, 2014)

    p. 32, 33 Chart EX 19 and 19A: Change the position of the rock labeled "Crown of Thorns" near Club Thunderball at Staniel Cay from 24° 10.939'N by 76° 26.643'W to 24° 10.908'N by 76° 26.627'W. The VPR dashed course line has been moved farther away from the rock. (posted July 22, 2015)

  • p. 47, Chart EX EX 29A: Change the Emerald Bay waypoint to read 75° 38.29' N/75° 54.75' W. The waypoint is correctly displayed on pages 17 and 46, Charts EX 7 and EX 29. (posted April 18, 2017)



Article Edited on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:36  

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