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Airlines --- General information for scheduled flights only.

FLIGHT SERVICES in the Bahamas MAY 2017

NOTE: The following list covers only airlines with scheduled flights, not charter-only companies. See below for approved charter companies.

ASD (Andros)

ATC (Arthurs Town, Cat Is.)

AXP (Spring Pt., Acklins)

BIM (Bimini)

BPT (Black Point, Exumas) CAT (Cat Cay)

CRK (Crooked Island)

ELH (North Eleuthera)

FAR (Farmers Cay)

FLL (Ft. Lauderdale),

FPO (Freeport)

FRC (Fresh Creek, Andros) GGT (George Town, Exuma) GHB (Governors Harbour)

GHC/MYBG (Great Hbr. Cay, Ber)

GIN or IGA (Great Inagua)

IAD (Dulles)

LGI (Deadmans Cay, Long I)

MAY (Mangrove Cay, Andros)

MHH (Marsh Harbour)

MIA (Miami)

MIS (Moores Island)

MYBC/CCZ (Chub Cay)

MYG (Mayaguana)

NAS (Nassau)

NOR (Normans Cay)

ORL (Orlando)

PBI (Palm Beach)

RSD (Rock Sound)

RUM (Rum Cay)

SAQ (San Andros)

SPA (Sandy Pt. Abaco)

STM (Stella Maris)

TBI (New Bight, Cat Is.)

TCB (Treasure Cay)

TYM or STC (Staniel Cay)

TZN (South Andros)

WAL (Walkers Cay)

WPB (West Palm Beach)

ZSA (San Salvador)




* Airgate 386-478-0600/367-3636 (flyairgate.com) New Smyrna to MHH

* Air Canada 888-247 (aircanada.com) 888-247-2262 /242-377-1029 Montreal + Toronto to NAS + GGT

* Air Jamaica 800-920-4225 (airjamaica.com) Caribbean to NAS

• American Airlines 800-433-7300 (aa.com) Several U.S or MHH airport 367-2095. cities to NAS, MHH and TCB

• Bahamas Air 800-222-4262, NAS 300-8359, MHH 367-2095 (bahamasair.com) from NAS to FLL, MIA, ORL and various U.S. cities; regularly among most major Bahamas islands AXP, CRK, ELH, GHB, LGI, MHH, MYG, RSD, STM, TCB, ZSA

• British Airways 800-247-9297 (britishairways.com) London to NAS, FPO, MHH, GGT, ELH

• Cherokee Air 242-367-1900/3450 (cherokeeair.com) WPB to MHH

• Delta (and Northwest) (delta.com) 800-221-1212/242-377-1053 from various U.S. cities to NAS, FPO, GGT

• Flamingo Air 242-351-4963/377-0354 (flamingoairbah.com) FPO to MHH, BIM and NAS to BPT, FAR, MAY, STC

* Inter Caribbean Airways 855-244-7940/242-377-0257 (flyairtc.com) Jamaica to NAS

• Island Wings 954-274-6214/617-8804 FLL to MHH, TCB, GHC, BIM (flyislandwings.com) (not same as Island Wings Charter 242-338-0360 which flies charters out of Stella Maris)

• JetBlue 800-JET-BLUE (jetblue.com) US Cities to NAS

• LeAir 242-367-8175 (flyleair.com) NAS to ASD, GHC, MAY

• Pineapple Air 242-377-0412 (pineappleair.com) NAS to G0‘ HB, CRK, AXP, STM, ELH, LGI, RSD

* Reggie Express 954-583-8545 (reggieexpress.com) Wednesdays from FLL to GGT passengers (off island only)

* Silver Airways 801-401-9100/844-674-5837 , MHH 367-3415, TCB 365-8615 US airports to BIM, ELH, FPO, GHB, GGT, MHH, TCB, GHB

• Sky Bahamas 242-377-8993/ 242-702-2600 (skybahamas.net) NAS to ATC, BIM, GGT, FPO, MHH

• Southern Air 242-323-6833/ 242-377-2014 (southernaircharter.com) charters from NAS to ELH, GHB, LGI, RSD, STM

• Spirit Air 801-401-2200 (spiritair.com) from FLL to ZSA

• Tropic Ocean Airways 800-767-0897 (flytropic.com) from FLL & MIA seaplane bases to BIM, GHC, MHH, NSB, TCB

• United Airlines 847-700-2957 (united.com) US Cities to NAS

* Watermakers Air 954-771-0330 (watermakersair.com) FLL to TYM, GGT, ASD, ELH, SAQ, TZN

• Western Air 242-377-2222 (westernairbahamas.com) NAS and FPO to BIM, GGT, TZN, SAQ, FPO & MHH

• West Jet Airlines 888-937-8538 (westjet.com) Canada to NAS and FPO


In an effort to crack down on illegal charter operators, the Flight Standards Inspectorate (242-377-3445) maintains a listing of authorized charter companies for the Bahamas. Here's the current list as of January 2014.


Bahamasair Holdings Ltd dba Bahamasair

SkyBahamas Airlines Ltd dba SkyBahamas

Western Air Limited

Basic Air Taxi

Air Ambulance

Bahamas Hoppers

Butler Aviation

Cherokee Air Limited

Dove Wings Charter

First Class Charter

Flamingo Air Limited

Golden Wings Limited

Island Wings Charter

Land and Sea Charter

Performance Air Limited

Randolph Holdings

Stella Maris Resort Limited

Basic Air Taxi--Commuter

Leair Charter Services

Regional Air Services

Southern Air Limited

Pineapple Air Limited

PDX Xpress

Single Pilot Air Taxi

Atlantic Blue Charters Ltd.

Uhuru Aviation

Millennium Air Charter

Fergs Air Limited

Island Connections

Diving Safari

Prestige Aviation

Inter Island Air Limited

Check their websites for further updates: www.fsi-bcaa.com/clients or www.bcaa.gov.bs.


The Flight Standards Inspectorate notice states: "Should you be approached by an individual offering to take you or your family away, please ensure that that individual is in possession of the following:

* An Air Operator Certificate issued and signed by the Civil Aviation Department Flight Standards Inspectorate.

* A Commercial Pilot Licence issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or the Civil Aviation Department.

* A Second Class Medical Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or the Civil Aviation Department.

* A Logo Sticker issued by the Department of Civil Aviation.


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