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Rick Butler commanded two U.S. Navy ships and logged over 500,000 sea miles on ships' bridges before retiring with his wife Carol to cruise aboard their motor yacht ZIPPITY in U.S. and Bahamian waters and anchor landside in Beaufort, SC. He has coached offshore sailing at the Naval Academy, holds the Navy's highest level of sailing qualification, and founded a yacht club in Japan. He holds a USCG Master's License and has commuted throughout the Bahamas over many winters. He and Carol are Rear Commodores of the Seven Seas Sailing Association and active members of the Great Loopers' Association.

Chris Parker
studied Meteorology in college and has been forecasting weather and having fun around boats since he was 10 years old. His experience as a hangliderpilot contributes to his knowledge of wind pattern forecasts. He has extensive experience cruising and forecasting weather in the Bahamas and US East Coast. Chris uses his expertise in SSB radio and e-mail, satellite phone technology and marine electronics and computers to forecast the weather for the Caribbean Marine Weather Center.

Frank Ready
has been sailing all his life, learning to sail as a teenager in Japan. He and his wife Pat have lived aboard their
Intrepid 40 FOREWINDS since 1986, cruising the Bahamas, Caribbean, and U.S. Frank is a retired electrical engineer and has spent his timaboard learning to read the weather and to use various sources to make weather-related decisions as a liveaboard sailor.

Bruce Woodbury
and Kimberly Grant have been active with boating all their lives. Bruce served as a merchant marine aboard oceanographic research vessels for NOAA and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Kimberly began sailing regularly after a stint at summer camp at age 10. They have been cruising their catamaran in the Bahamas and Western Caribbean since 1995. Kimberly is a freelance photographer and writer; her work has been published by numerous boating and tropical lifestyle publications.


Research Team

Rick and Carol Butler, Pete and Chris Dawson, Jerry and Dotty Farquhar, Spence and Dale Langford, Ron and Mary-Kay Lindquist, Bruce Woodbury and Kimberly Grant, George and Nancy Marvin, Glen and Nancy Maxwell, and Tom "Duffy" McMurray, Frank and Pat Ready.


Ali Ball, Dotty Farquhar, and Kimberly Grant

(Click on photo album of Explorer Team members below)

Advisers (We are grateful to many people throughout the Bahamas who have shared their local knowledge to help us provide you with the most timely and precise chart data and facilities information on hand.)

Terry & Ernestine Bain; Doug Black; Tryphena Bowe-Knowles; Charles & Judy Bowen; "Castro" Burroughs; Mario & Claudia Cartwright; Leslie & Patrice Curtis; Sister Eileen; Richard Ellis, Exuma Park Staff; Kenneth & Ruth and Kendall Farquharson; Enoch Ferguson; Andy, Basil, Chester, Jimmy, and Joe Fox; Jeorg Fries; Harry & Willis Harding; Tom & Wendy Hebbert; Skip & Cherylle Hird; David Hocher; George & Toby Hohenstein; Roy & Susan Hopper; Paul & Judy Howard; Michael Skinner & Robyn Hunter; Danny Knowles; Bob & Fran Little; Barbara Thrall & Ian MacBeth; Joan Mann; George & Nancy Marvin; John & Diane McDowell; Jim & Judy McGuire; Basin, Jane, Mike & Sandy Minns; Eris Moncur; Roosevelt & Boleyn Nixon; Terrence & Ida Patton; Woody Perry; Hexton Pinder; Kent & Diane Polley; Berkie & Vivien, Clyde & Elvey, Hallan, Henry, Kevin, Lorraine & Isaiah, Trevor, and Tucker Rolle; Stephen Rose; Bailey & Rainie, Cecil, Simon & Diane, and Steve Smith; Stephen Wilson.



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