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Print out these sheets and insert them in your existing chartbooks for future reference. Buy the latest revision: Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas, 8th edition, Summer 2017; Far Bahamas, 6th edition January 2014; Exumas and Ragged Islands, 8th edition, January 2017.



  • Page 16, Northwest Channel Light: The Northwest Channel Light is still not lighted though there is a 30-foot pole standing on the spot. (Posted February 7, 2018)

  • Page 62, Waypoint List:

    On the Waypoint List on p. 62, there is an error in the Schooner Bay waypoint. (The same waypoint on Chart 4 p. 13 and Chart AB 25 on p. 46 is correct on the charts; the error is only on the Waypoint List.)

    Please change the Schooner Bay waypoint on p. 62 to

    26° 10.50’N

    77° 09.95’ W. (Posted February 16, 2017)

  • Page 68, Chart AN 8: NOTICE TO MARINERS

    (RBDF MAY 25th, 2016) The Aids to Navigation Section of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force wishes to advise mariners that the Entrance Lights and Range Lights in the harbour at Driggs Hill, South Andros, have been serviced and relit.

    Any discrepancies with this or any navigational aid should be reported to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force at telephone number 362-3091, 362-4436 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Posted May 25, 2016)

    Outside Back Cover: The yellow box for Close-up Chart at Settlement Point labeled GB 6 (PAGE 50) should be corrected to read GB 2A (PAGE 48). (Posted August 7, 2014)

  • Page 56, Chart BER 1: A large barge has been found mostly submerged south of Petit Cay at 25° 45.875' N/77° 49.822' W. The barge is lying on the bottom with the deck just below the surface at low water and two large spuds or pipes rising several feet above the surface at high water. It has been reported that there are many I beams protruding upward from the deck that are no more than 18 inches below the surface at low water. (Posted April 24, 2015)
  • Pages 11, 12, and 28, Charts 3, 4, and AB 10: The light (Fl 5s 11M) on the west end of Crab Cay near 26° 55.66' N/77° 36.29' W) is missing. Only the bare pole remains. (Posted April 24, 2015)
  • Pages 12 and 45, Charts 4, AB 23, and AB 23A: The Little Harbour light (Fl 4s 19m 10M) near 26° 19.82' N/76° 59.71' W) was destroyed by a hurricane and has not been replaced. (Posted April 24, 2015)
  • Page 30, Chart AB 12: Delete the Museum shown on the chart in Cooperstown. The Museum was destroyed by a hurricane several years ago. Add the new Library located along the main road near the school. (Posted June 4, 2015)
  • Pages 6, 9, 10, 49, and 50, Charts 1, 2, 3, GB 3 and GB 4: The operation of the sector light (Fl (3) WR 15s 16m 12M) at Pinder Point, just east of the Freeport Harbour, Grand Bahama Island, has been discontinued. (Posted June 18, 2015)
  • Pages 16 and 63, Charts 6 and AN 1: Ruins of the old light structure near the Northwest Channel Waypoint have sunken and are no longer awash but still may be a hazard. (Posted July 5, 2015)
  • Page 38, Chart AB 18: A submarine cable has been found to exist near the marked anchorage running from Matt Lowes Cay to John Cash Point. The area of disturbed bottom over the cable, near the north edge of the cove, may still be seen from the surface. Use caution when anchoring in this area. (Posted November 9, 2015)
  • Page 63, Charts AN 1 and AN 1A: The Fl 4s 4m 4M (ED) light on Morgans Bluff no longer exists. A new light has been established close to the point of the old water barge dock on a tall utility pole near 25° 10.8' N/78° 01.6' W. The white light currently flashes approximately once every 30 seconds and is approximately seven meters above sea level (Fl 33s 7m 5M).

    The lighted range shown on Joanne Point has been discontinued. The old metal towers still exist but can no longer be seen because of tree growth and are no longer lighted.

    The flashing five second red and green lights on the Commercial Harbour entrance jetties are currently working.

    Sixth Edition and older Chartbooks show buoys on the Morgans Bluff Channel that no longer exist.

    Mariners should stay well clear of the submerged and partially submerged wrecks near the south end of the old water barge dock. (Posted April 19, 2016)




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