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Welcome to the new Explorer Bahamas Chatter moderated blog. You've come to trust our Explorer Chartbooks for the best navigational charts and cruising guide information  for the Bahamas.  Now we present you with an interactive medium to keep you even more up to date with the constantly changing conditions as you cruise the Bahamas.  We're eager to have your input of new information,  as well as your questions, which we will post to the group of subscribers.  We will endeavor to verify all information before passing it on.

You can register with a User Name and Password and become a Contributor so that you can post and comment on other postings.  If you prefer not to register, you can comment on postings if you supply an email address.  See our Bahamas Chatter page for details.

Our policy for handling your information is as follows:
  1. All personal information is confidential.
  2. We do not share anyone's personal information from this forum.
We know that you have much to share and we and the other contributors and subscribers to this site look forward to hearing from you.

We'd love to post your descriptive photographs.  You are not able to post them directly, but you can email them to us at info@explorercharts.com and post them where appropriate.

Monty and Sara Lewis
Explorer Chartbooks