Old Bahama Bay/West End CLOSED DOWN!

By all media reports & by a fellow cruiser who was there, Old Bahama Bay Marina in West End has been CLOSED DOWN as of Jan. 21, 2019 “until further notice”. Apparently there has been a legal battle going all of the way to their Surpreme Court. A mega developer is taking over with a 2.4 billion resort.

I certainly don’t want to be giving false information, but there are articles in multiple Bahamian newspapers.

Since I know this is a major crossing/clearing in location, anyone in-the-know, please add comments to this post.

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  1. We spoke to Jackie Carroll, Manager of Old Bahama Bay. She stated that the marina and all facilities of the marina and resort are open. We also talked to Ms. Ashley at the Fort Lauderdale office of OBB, who agreed that the marina and fuel dock are open. She also told us that they do not answer the phones until after 10:30. We tried then but got no answer at the fuel dock or the resort/marina office. As of yet, we can’t confirm that the marina is actually open or closed.

    Monty Lewis
    Explorer Chartbooks

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