George Town, Exuma, Update

Customs duty on boat parts – as per Customs Officer in GET Dec 4, 2009

Sometime during the summer the ruling was changed. There is NO duty on your engine/transmission/ prop parts for your boat. They will be subject to a $10.00 Stamp Tax. No brokerage agent is required. This also includes your outboard motor as long as it was listed on your cruising permit.

Katharine Marche became Chief Customs Officer June 1, 2009 & she now
requires that all other imports into Exuma require the use of a Customs

Brokerto fill out the paper work. Duty is now 45%. The business people in Exuma are especially upset about this.


Diesel is $4.10 a gal

Gas 4.70 a gal

lettuce 7.90 for 3 romaine

George Town Marine & Repair is closing Dec 31. All boats should be out asap. Friends were given until Jan 30 but the travel lift is in poor repair so it would be best to launch asap.

Eddie’s Edgewater – Kevin, Rap’s son, died this past summer & the restaurant has been closed but there was a BBQ there last Fri @ $10.00 per plate & the place is getting fixed up inside.

Two Turtles is still closed

Cheaters is offering Fri night BBQ at $10.00 per plate

Fish Fry is active

Feb Point “Bamboo Grill” serves Bahamian with European flair $$$

St Francis – best bet for good food plus wifi

Tourist Office is now located at Turnquest Star Plaza on 2nd floor.

Bridge to Crab Cay is now open to boat traffic – height 15 feet. Three workers on the island.

We are the only boat in Red Shanks – 35 in GT


Charlie & Lee on Windstar IV

4 thoughts on “George Town, Exuma, Update”

  1. Hi guys.
    guess you guys are anchored in our
    spot. Nice to see yall are still sailing.
    We met you in 03 we were anchored in your
    spot in redshanks. after talking to you guys that christmas via vhf from clarence town we headed
    on down south to return in two years.
    Looking for our next boat and hope to be back in the bahamas next summer.
    have fun.
    Bill and Sandra SV/rose

  2. Windstar IV –
    Nice to hear somebody we know is holding down the fort. Doctors have got us in their grip but we hope to get down in the summer.
    Mike & Peri

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