Food and Charts for Bahamas

I am sure everyone’s situation is different but I would just like an idea of what I should take and how much. We are planning on hopefully cruising for 5months. How much food should I take and paper supplies. I just need a rough idea and also cash.

My other question is regarding charts what charts do I need to get and download before I go. Thanks for recommendations and suggestions.



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  1. Before the trip, I do extensive planning on what provisions we need; everything from meal planning to how much toilet paper we use. We are fortunate to have a small chest freezer on board so I carry enough frozen food for the trip. I also carry plenty of staples. In the Bahamas, we supplement our stores with fresh produce and bread. Everything is more expensive in the Bahamas. Beer is very expensive so if you drink it, you may want to bring it.

    We carry enough cash to pay the entry fees and a few hundred extra. Credit cards are readily accepted and you can get cash from a bank if necessary. Carry the latest Explorer charts, they are the best and most comprehensive, bar none.

  2. as to food, it depends on where in the bahamas you’re going to cruise. abacos, especially marsh harbour, you can get most everything, albeit more expensive. the same applies to eluethera. exumas from staniel cay north is very much tougher.

    if you have the room stock up on paper goods and snacks. they are very expensive. if you love a particular wine bring it. wine is very expensive other than chilean.

  3. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the current Explorer Chartbooks for the areas that you wish to cruise. These are the #1 navigational charts for the Bahamas. Any experienced cruiser to the Bahamas will tell you that.

    Each chartbook has helpful articles for all that you need to know to cruise the Bahamas. In particular, the Explorer Chartbook Exumas (8th edition) has an article on provisioning, which should give you the information you desire.

    Regarding how much cash to take, it is hard to advise on this issue. You can get cash at ATMs and local banks, where you can find them. See the Need-to-Know Info in the Explorer Chartbooks for each locale for where the banks are located.

    Indeed, the Explorer Chartbooks give you all the Need-to-Know Info, plus some Nice-to-Know Info as well.

    Review the tab on this page (Explorer Charts – Electronic Format) to make sure you get the proper charts for your device.

    Monty Lewis

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