Chub Cay Marina change in policy

All cruisers please be aware, Chub Cay Marina no longer allows “transients” from the anchorage to go ashore! This includes the Ship Store and the restaurants!
It was in listed in this seasons explorer charts on page 62, that cruisers could buy an “Adventure” debut card for $100 and use it in the shop and restaurants. (We would of course be spending more!) Friends who were here a short time ago suggested we come here because they had so much fun at The Nauti Rooster, we were hoping to go.
They no longer are providing this service as of about a week ago.
Now they stop all dingy’s a the fuel dock and won’t let you go to the dingy dock.
(We even had a local friend try to pick us up and take us to dinner and they still wouldn’t let us.)
So now we are stuck here, low on beer, wine and some basic groceries with no access to the store.

Heads up if you need anything or want to go to the restaurant, you can’t anymore!

You can still get a slip at the marina for $4.25 a foot.

3 thoughts on “Chub Cay Marina change in policy”

  1. Just skip the whole outrageously expensive Cay.
    It’s too good when places won’t accept your money at a ships store or restaurant.
    This place is headed to be like Bakers Bay.

  2. So why not peel off the cobwebs on your wallet and spend a few nights at their docks? Last time I did a financial analysis, we found it was very expensive to run water/electric/wastewater systems to support a restaurant/fuel dock/convenience store on remote islands with high import duties.

  3. Thanks for sharing the information about the Chub Cay Marina. The dockmaster didn’t tell me about that policy change last week when I called for fuel and dockage prices and asked if anything was new.

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