Best bad weather spot near Nassau?

Hi we are new to sailing the Bahamas and are currently at Chub Cay. There appears to be a bad front coming through next week and we are heading towards Nassau in the next day or so. Where is the best place near Nassau to anchor during a front?

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  1. Get out your Explorer Chart kit of Rose Island. Look on the south coast, about mid island, and you will see a very small inlet through the side of the island, and looking again at the chart, you will notice something that looks like a “dounut” with an island int he middle. Using 2 anchors, I have spent several cold fronts anchored in there. There is room inside down toward the SW of the little dounut island. Not supposed to go ashore, anywhere, but we had a golden retriever, that had too…nobody bothered us….you will notice that there has been alot of development, as far as digging canels on the other side a small one time a resort was going it, but like most, it never got of the ground.

    Then there is the usual anchorage, just a little further down toward the east on the same south coast……which is good in most weather, except south to west…


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