Bahamas Queen Conch at Risk

Bahamas cruisers are urged to be responsible in taking only the allowed numbers of conch and to help remedy the situation of the fast-dwindling population.

The following article from the Miami Herald describes the dire situation with the conch population in the Bahamas.

1 thought on “Bahamas Queen Conch at Risk”

  1. While in Grand Bahama for the last three winters, I have bought Conch, cleaned from local vendors. A lot of times, the cleaned Conch comes in a clear bag with 6, 10 or 12. One has to be careful and examine the Conch closely. As, most of the Conch sold at local fish markets, there, are small. You can tell just by looking at the muscle after having cleaned your own, from an adult Conch with a large flaired lip. I also know that these same undersized Conch are sold to restaurants. Once it is cooked, you cannot tell what size it is. (Crack, frittered, or conch salad)

    On one occasion, I went to buy some Conch, and witnessed the fact that they were very small, and declined the purchase. The next person in line, behind me, a local, yes a local, bought them all…it is not the boaters, but the locals that are over fishing them. But, perhaps, they already know this.

    And, yet on another occasion, local fisherman, walk the beach, picking up small Conch, aka…”Rollers”…smash the shell with a hammer, remove the muscle, to be used for fishing bait….

    So, really, one can plainly see that something has to be done on a local basis to help the Conch population. The only place that I have heard that has a very large population of Conch is in the Exumas Land Sea Park….so, maybe a Conch moratorium needs to be put in place…but wasn’t that tried once, and failed…?

    And, last, but not least, I have seen the same thing, undersized lobster tails, being sold off of fishing boats….


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