Bahamas Pet Permit

I found information on a person who does the pet permit service for you and sends you the the pet permit once it comes in via email. It Saved me money because they took the pet permit in for me. You can send the form in and email it to them. You pay them a fee, but they are very reasonable and they tell you when the permit is received by the government office. They answered all my questions. It was well worth it! Their email is

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have further questions about this process, send an email to the address given. It is not clear how you get the payment to them although general guidelines recommend sending an International Money Order, not a check or cash.

1 thought on “Bahamas Pet Permit”

  1. I used the service a couple of weeks ago. You pay with Paypal, and it only took 5 days to get my pet permit back. This is a great service I normally have to get an international money order and Fedex it and the paperwork to Nassau. Out of the last 4 times I have done this, twice the paperwork was lost and it took 3 months to get it straightened out. I have 2 pets and this takes the hassle out of the process. Here it the website.

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