Abacos Weather?

I’ll soon be crossing from West Palm to the West End and eventually to the Abacos. It’s close enough, that I’m looking at the weather more closely. First thing I notice is that generally every day over the next 10 days, there is a prediction of rain or “scattered thunderstorms”. Not having been to the Bahamas before I’m wondering if this is just the standard late day 15-30 minute storms that typically roll through FL in the Summer. Or is this really a rainy time in the area.

I’d love to hear other insights or general knowledge about this so we can plan for it appropriately.

Thanks so much!

4 thoughts on “Abacos Weather?”

  1. Thunderstorms are a daily event, the morning ones are just brief and sometimes you can job around them. Best to get underway for cruising, fishing or diving early am and be ready for the real bad storms after lunch. June storms are usually docile, wait ’til you see what July lightning storms can do! The weather goes from sunny and calm to whitecaps, 40mph gusts and vertical bolts of electric trying to hit your vessel every few minutes.

  2. Adding to Monty’s comments, June is the start of rainy season. We are currently in Lucaya, but have visited Bimini, the berries, and eleuthera. Thunderstorms in every place, almost every day. Not showers, but monsoons lasting 4 hours. Radar comes in handy for dodging storms, by sometimes you can’t. Have fun.

  3. for buoy weather info for your crossing and for cruising around the Abacos check out http://www.marvsweather.com .. the 7 day reports are updated daily .. you can sign up for Marv’s free daily updates via email .. this time of the year Marv also has tropical weather reports ..

  4. It does seem to be more rain than usual this June. Through the summer season watch for development of the easterly waves as they approach the area. Read the weather watch article on page 4 of the Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas, Eighth Edition, for a Bahamas Weather overview or get Chris Parker’s “Coastal & Offshore Weather, The Essential Handbook” for more detail.


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