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Dog on board for Bahamas

Last year we sent in our form and money for the import license for our dog and NEVER received it, even after several phone calls. They seem to be in total disorder in this department and they say the mail doesn’t even get to them. Anyone have any luck getting their import license? Any suggestions? Thank you, Kathi

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  • monty says:

    Try sending the application and keep copies. If you don’t get the permit, the copies of the application, money order, and the vet certificate will probably work for Customs if they should ask. Click Archives below right and check New Pet Policy (October 2017) and The Pet Thing (November 2017).

    This is not the correct thing to do, but it should work.

  • Saunterer says:

    Thank you, Monty

  • mtellup says:

    Last year, I sent in the paperwork via UPS (not USPS). It was expensive($50 +/-) but required a signature, so I knew when it arrived. I also added an additional fee so they would fax it back to me. I received the fax within a couple of weeks, it was about a month after that when I received the hard-copy paperwork.

    — Mike
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  • mtellup says:

    “will probably work for Customs if they should ask”

    Additionally, this was the third trip we made to the Bahamas over the last 7 years and customs has never asked.

  • says:

    Kathi, we take tow dogs to Eleuthera every year. I always send the permit application, health certificates and money order to the Department of Agriculture via Federal Express and request the permits by send by fax to our home. I always sent the package 6 weeks before we shove off and have never failed to get the permits in time. Remember to take the permits and health certificates with you. Hope that helps Tom Dyer, HOPE

  • janbeagle says:

    Go to the Boat Galley website and you will find specific directions for the pet permit. The address has changed in the last year and also be sure to add the 12% VAT. I sent ours a month ago by FedEx and it reached their office in Nassau in three days. I paid extra for a signature and also included the extra $5 for a FAX. I never received the FAX but did get the paperwork by mail in three weeks. It was sent out a few days after they got it and it took that long to get to me in Florida. Here is the link for the Boat Galley detailed directions:

  • rmadry says:

    We have done it using Fed Ex and it has worked fine.

  • kate says:

    Comments received via email:

    Hi. Agree mail doesn’t seem to get there. Believe we had to send via FedEx to make sure it gets there. Also make sure you send money order and correct papers.

    FedEx can be tracked and you can call their office to conform receipt. Hope that helps



    Pick up the phone and call.



    Mail is super slow. I mailed a deposit for a cottage 4 mos ahead of time. The owner called when it did not arrive and I sent the second deposit a month later. When I arrived she still had not received it, 3 mos later. I paid cash on arrival. The day I left the second deposit came in, and a month later the first deposit arrived. The Bahamas mail is terrible.

    Dan P.


    We faxed them way after sending in the forms and then they called very soon afterward.

    Don C.



    Suzanne G.


    We have brought our dog to the Bahamas for the last three years. Two of the three years we never received the license from the authorities but always had copies of our submission paperwork and copies of the money order. No one ever stop to ask us for our papers while in the Bahamas only at the immigration desk once.
    The Bahamas are very animal friendly and we never had any issues.

    Gary M.


    We show the USPS money order receipt and a copy of the form, along with the US Dept of Health certificate. Never a problem for us checking in at West End.

    Scott C.


    Same situation. Brought dog in and went to Marsh Harbor Dept of Agriculture with papers from Vet. One hour later we had the dog into the country. We explained that we had done everything asked and no reply. They seemed to know the deal and were sympathetic.

    Michael S.


    Yes, the past few years I would send (via Fed Ex that had to be signed for) my dogs paperwork and a cashiers check. then I would get the certificate in the mail!

    Dii B.


    We paid the extra to have it faxed back….

    Michael & Mundy

  • kate says:

    More comments received via email…


    The mail is completely unreliable. You can call Ruth Vincent 242 397 7450. We now get our papers from the local agricultural dept, which is located in the packing house, on the govt dock. (Mailboat dock) papers are good for one year, so plan in advance. Pets on boats are not that strict, so don’t worry that much.

    Jack M.


    Don’t use mail….They stick the money in their pocket and say they never got it….Happened to us too. You must use Fed Ex for proof.

    Jerry C


    hi–had no problem but we sent the check ups and added the extra 50 cents to have the licence faxed back to us

    Sean M.

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