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CBP form 1303 ‘Ship’s stores declaration’

Hi All,

We are onboard a UK flagged vessel in the Bahamas and plan to cross over to the US in the next couple of days.

One of the forms that we need to fill in is the CBP Form 1303 Ship’s stores declaration.

I can’t find any help or examples for this online.
Has anyone filled it before? How specific do we need to be? Do we need to list every single item on the boat?

Thanks in advance.


5 Responses to CBP form 1303 ‘Ship’s stores declaration’

  • Marc-Juno says:

    I believe it’s for cargo ships. You should call US Customs with any questions at (561) 844-1703 – See:
    “CBP Form 1303, Ship’s Stores Declaration, is used by the carriers to declare articles to be retained on board the vessel, such as sea stores, ship’s stores, controlled narcotic drugs, bunker coal, or bunker oil in a format that can be readily audited and checked by CBP. “

  • wsmurdoch says:

    We have checked in eleven times. I have written something similar to “food, spare parts, and baggage for own use only” and never had a problem.


  • mango877 says:

    Hi Sabina,

    Check out the following website…..cbp You should be able to get the info you need.


  • kate says:

    Comment received via email:

    We crossed from the Bahamas to the Port of Palm Beach customs office Feb. 2018. There was no form to fill out about “ship’s stores”. They did insist we get a customs “decal” which we ordered online while at the office. We did not get our “Cruising Permit” until they had the number for the “decal”.


  • zshipley says:

    The requirement to file CBP Form 1303 is set forth in the U.S. Code of federal Regulations at “19 CFR 4.7a – Inward manifest; information required; alternative forms.”
    Follow this link to see a copy of said regulation:

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