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Floating Docks

My wife and I love the Bahamas. The challenge we have is finding suitable dockage. We have a 90lb dog and need to get onto land, for guess what? I cannot easily get him onto fixed docks.
Could anyone with significant Bahamas knowledge help us take Dusty with us?

8 Responses to Floating Docks

  • monty says:

    Floating docks are few in the Bahamas. Bimini Sands and Resorts World, Bimini have floating docks. Also, Cave Cay and Emerald Bay in the Exumas.

  • DenO says:

    Not sure what kind of boat you have, but, if you google “DOG RAMPS”, you will find one that is made of fiberglass, that will telescope out to about 6 feet and close up to about 3 1/2 feet. This is what we have used for years with our 90 pound Golden…sorry, I do not have the name of the ramp…


  • vlathom says:

    You’re not going to like this, but I think it’s time to train your dog to go on the boat. I’ve had five shelties over the years on both an Irwin 43 and now, an Albin 36 trawler. They’ve all learned to do their business on the bow. Not sure what kind of boat you have, but if there is a “bow,” there is a place for your dog to go. I’ll admit it’s harder with an older dog, but it’s do-able. You just have to have determination and know that dogs can go for 36 hours or more without relieving themselves. In the end, it’s better for the dog and certainly a safety factor for the owners who don’t have to make undesirable plans in cruising just for their pet to go ashore.

  • Txcruiser says:

    I second the idea for a ramp. We added the 4 foot Steadi-Plank ramp to our Carver 560. It doesn’t work well for all fixed docks but is satisfactory for most. It’s useful for crew and visitor boarding as well. If you can’t find it I can send a photo. I think I got it from Yacht boarding systems. They are not cheap.

  • murrayberstein says:

    Good Morning Monte, Vlathom & Txcruiser,

    Thank you for your suggestions.I plan to follow up as best as I can with your ideas.

    My best,


  • bajacallum2u says:

    We’ve had dogs on board since the 70’s…train them on land to do “it” on command. They WILL do it on the deck just the same! There are “bad” things on Bahamas’ shores from worms, liver flukes, ticks and fleas to scary dogs. Have a full med kit from your vet for your dog! If you must take your dog off the boat, get a good, strong handled dog life vest, teach dog to jump into dinghy bottom from big boat. Secure dog too bottom while in dinghy (no bow riding or jumping side to side). All done? Use outboard motor lift or spin. halyard to hoist big dog back onto deck (think of it as man overboard practice). You can put an extension on some stern ladders to increase the angle enough for an agle dog to scamper up the ladder. Best for your pet, however, is keep your dog onboard. Don’t forget to include plenty of creative playtime for exercise! If you do take your pet to shore…the number one complaint I heard from Bahamians was that the boaters leave dog poop and build garbage fires on their beaches! Think about it…scoop your poop and leave only your footsteps. Best regards, Janice Callum, S/V Calamus

  • bvander66 says:

    .We live on the anchor and have a 60 lb dog. Regularly take her ashore in dingy, she loves dingy ride. If you only do marinas in Bahamas your missing 99% of what the islands have to offer. Also train dog to go on boat for those times you can’t get fido ashore.

  • kate says:

    Comment received via email:

    Build yourself a ramp for him to get on and off docks!

    Michael & Mundy

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