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Crossing Flotilla

We are planning a crossing from West Palm to the West End around the second week of January 2018. This being our first trip we would like to travel with others planning to cross to the Bahamas. We travel in a Carver 450 Voyager so our speed can vary to 20 MPH. Please let us know if you might be interested.

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  • kate says:

    Comments received via email:

    Hello: You will be fighting the Gulf Stream and sucking down fuel unless you start farther south–Ft. Laud, Miami, Key Biscayne, etc. Check routes in the Waterway Guide to The Bahamas or an Explorer chartbook. Also, if you are looking for warmer waters to swim and snorkel, go to the southern islands during the winter. It is very cold in the northern islands until spring. One of the easiest itineraries is to South Bimini marina for customs check in on North Bimini, then onward to the Berries, then to New Providence (avoid Nassau), cross to Norman’s Cay and into the Exumas park for some of the most beautiful waters anywhere, push on to at least Big Majors to visit the swimming pigs and dive into Thunderball Grotto. If you have time, take the inside route all the way down to Great Exuma (detailed in the Waterway Guide). It is the most pristine, relaxing “secret” passage to Georgetown. Have a safe trip!


    Can you go from ft. Lauderdale to Bimini? We are hoping for around a Jan 1st crossing.

    Ron B.

  • ajones05446 says:

    Thanks Ron but we will be departing from West Palm

  • vlathom says:

    We’ve been to the Bahamas twice. We left from Lake Worth/West Palm via Memory Rock. No uphill battle re: Gulf Stream. We also found that the supposed cold in the Abacos was a myth. I’ll put a note up on the Vero Beach City Marina bulletin board if you want. We are in a slip here and it’s very much a launch pad for the Bahamas.

  • shortbus says:

    Are you still looking for other boaters to cross with you? We are in lantana and waiting for the front to pass before heading to West End.

  • bwalz says:

    If anyone is up for a spring crossing from West Palm we would like to spend a month in the islands but have only navigated to West End and Bimini. It would be comforting to have some company for some of the exploration.

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