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Crossing Gulfstream

We are coming up from Puerto Rico on a R&C 46′ cat via Providence Channel and wanted to know where the best place would be to anchor if we need to wow before crossing over to Fort Lauderdale.

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  • Numidica says:

    Just fyi, it’s currently blowing slightly from NE, > 24 knots at West End Grand Bahama with gusts to 30. You may have a multi-day wait, because it’s predicted to go more northerly.

  • aqua says:

    You can anchor in Chub Cay area or head to Bimini and anchor there.

  • kate says:

    Comments received via email:

    Tuck into the Berry Islands ????
    Thomas V.


    You have many options and most of them are obvious on the charts.

    You will be able to receive US weather channels on you VHF anywhere West of Nassau so ducking into to one of the anchorages in the western Berry Island would be a viable option.

    If you want a marina Old Bahama Bay at West End, Grand Bahaman has been a stopping of spot for decades. The marina is only about 60 miles east of Lauderdale and a good option.

    ~Tony E.


    I would go just s of chub cay and take the channel out and round mackie shoal bouy to n cat cay and anchor next to the end of the airport. Make sure you stay w of the runway planes come in low enough to hit you.then head to ft. Lauderdale by going out between n cat cay and gun cay. Stay close to gun cay going out. You can also anchor in nixon harbour off s bimini if its to rough at cat cay. Good luck.
    Trawler vessel Hookeyplayer.

  • DenO says:

    Perhaps, when getting across the Great Bahama Bank, and you have daylight, or the next day, after anchoring at Cat, as the previous poster suggested, you proceed to South Bimini and go straight in through the Red and Green buoys into Bimini Sands. Nice floating docks, that will accomadate a cat. If you have not cleared customs, etc., you can get a taxi to the airport to do that. From there, with the weather window of you choice, you can ride the Gulf Stream North.

    If you want to go inside the Bimini Harbor, you can dock at Bimini Blue waters, which is cheaper then Bimini Sands, and walk to the Customs and Immigration headquarters. Bimini Sands, just raised there price of dockage, a while back, from $1.50 to $2.50, indicating that both of there restaurants are open and they have an infinity pool. I have not heard otherwise if the restaurants are indeed open. They would offer a free bus ride to the south end of the island, where there was/is a nice sand floor bar and good burgers. Let us know what you find..

    You have several options…DenO

  • jpdunaway says:

    I want to thank everyone on the information on where to hold up if the weather isn’t good before crossing the gulfstream. Can’t put a price tag on local knowledge.

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