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Updates for Turks & Caicos

We will continue to post news from Irma’s passage as we get it. Please feel free to send us more information to share.

Sara and Monty Lewis

More pix

baci and shark bite


Turtle Cove entrance

Turtle Cove Shops

Sept. 9, From Dan at TCI Villas:
Thankfully I still have not heard of any loss of life or injuries. We have heard back on the condition of most villas and almost without exception the damage is very minimal. A status on power/water/communications/airport is below

Water – Statement from the water company – Following yesterday’s temporary switch on, Provo Water Company have identified and fixed a number of bursts caused by Hurricane Irma. We shall be switching on water supply again today between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., so once again encourage customers to fill water containers between those hours to have water available when the water supply is switched off again. We again request that any leaks or bursts observed are reported to 231-0705. This will enable us to record and attend to those leaks, to more quickly restore normal operations at the earliest opportunity. If you do not have cell service, you can report observed leaks via this page. Thank you for your assistance and patience while we restore the network.
Power – Fortis trucks can be seen throughout the island making repairs. As soon as the airport opens Fortis said it will bring in 50+ additional workers to help get power lines restored. They estimate 2-3 weeks until power is largely restored. A statement from them is attached
Communications – The cell phone voice network is mostly down however the cell phone data network is operating sporadicly. I have had success calling the island over the data network as opposed to the cell phone network. The free app “Whatsapp” can be used to make/receive voice calls over the data network.. This app also has a texting feature.
Airport – PRESS RELEASE HURRICANE IRMA ?UPDATE? #2?: Flight Operations Soon Restored
PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands, Saturday, September 9th, 2017– The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) announces that flight operations will soon be restored as we assess the aftermath of the storm and first focus on emergency and rescue flights.
Scheduled carrier flights remain suspended within the Turks & Caicos Islands until further notice.
Flight operations are expected to resume at all Airports as soon as possible, since the ” All Clear” has been issued.
As the airport operator and air navigation service provider, the Airports Authority remains committed to the safety of aircraft, passengers, staff and other users of the airport. The Authority regrets any inconvenience caused and passengers are asked to contact their respective airlines for flight scheduling.
The Airports Authority is grateful that we are able to survive this storm and will continue to focus on restoration efforts to ensure minimal disruption of service.

I previously mentioned that the beach in Turtle Cove is new and improved with a lot of sand. Here are some photos. This was taken in front of Conch Beach Villa (formerly Conch Pearl) which is just to the right of bridge road on coconut rd.

I will continue to send updates as I know them.

all best regards,
Dan (TCI Villas)

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