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Exuma Land and Sea Park Wish list

As you prepare for another great season in the Exumas lets try and help out the land and sea park.
Here is the wish list for material and supplies they could use.

2 Responses to Exuma Land and Sea Park Wish list

  • Offshore says:

    Shoudn’t the Government have some responsibility to provide these basics ?
    I realize it is nice to help and it is a wonderful place but the Government a lot of money here.
    Do you think the Government knows the cruisers will respond in kind and just take advantage of that ?
    THIS NOT a poor Country.

  • bvander66 says:

    Not sure your experiance with Bahamas, but Bahamas is not a rich country. Most of development is from US and China and these investors take much of the profit to their home country. Bahamian Govt has run a major deficit and gotten foriegn loans after each major hurricaine.
    Land and Sea Park has little govt support. There was some initial govt funding for infrastructure but a lot of year to year funding comes from the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) which survives extensively from private donations and membership fees. Some funds come from mooring fees, but we regularly see boats not paying and have even seen large yachts wreck a mooring and just motor away.
    Every year we volunteer time and material to Land and Sea Park and to a settlement school. Its our waay to thank this small island nation for the enjoyment and friendships we have during our extended visits.

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