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Bimini’s downward spiral continues.

We rarely go to Bimini anymore as for the last 10 years or so it seems the island has been in a downward spiral. I am so glad I got to experience the real Bimini, a pretty, welcoming and unmolested island just across the Stream.

We went back a couple of weeks ago and it looks like Bimini has hit a new low in just one year since our last visit. Overall the island is dirty, smelly, with junk is everywhere from rusty golf carts to trash and unfinished structure.

Anyone remember the trail running along the beach under the pines on the north west side? All gone all is left is the beach on the north east side, which is very nice and a good spot to anchor in light winds but I wonder how far will Resort Workd continue to expand.   Will this last stretch of natural shoreline disappear too?

The destruction of Bimini’s natural beauty continues at resort world with constant bulldozing, dredging, filling and expansion.

Mother Nature hasn’t helped with currents and wave action continuing to erode the beach at honeymoon harbor on Gun Cay. Most of it is gone now…

All that remains of the Bimini of old days is the fishing and the wreck of the Sapona, still visible for miles and still worth a snorkeling stop. Ironic how a wreck is the symbol of this wrecked island.





3 Responses to Bimini’s downward spiral continues.

  • bigreel says:

    Yes, and sadly it isn’t only Bimini. So much of what made these islands desirable went away with Nassau’s greed and the lionfish’s appetite. The pristine water’s still there, mostly, and the conch (cracked and fritters) are still the best but the prices don’t support what it buys; fuel, electric or dockage. I have moved my visits to the middle Keys. Clear water, reasonable costs and decent service. I miss the fritters. Steve

  • pascalg says:

    I don’t think you can compare the Florida keys to the Bahamas. You really don’t have any natural beaches in the keys and the few sandbars are invisible be sure of the number of boats. There are some great keys Florida bay but you re not allowed to land on them…

    So far the destruction is prettymuch limited to BIM. The berrys, only 60 nm further are still pretty unmolested and obviously the Exumas are still the best place to cruise. Yes, there are more boats visiting, more construction here and there but with a 120nm string of Cays without big airport or causeway finding pristine beaches and sand bars with nobody around is not a problem. With a 20kt boat you can leave Miami in the morning, clear in cat cay and drop the hook in the Exumas by sunset.

  • bvander66 says:

    We love S Bimini, nice docks, nature trail, shark research center, nice beach, easy access to Alicetown by ferry. New resort in N Bimini a bit sad, but still lots of neat places around to explore and enjoy for a few days. Beats S Florida

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