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Rum Cay visit

We visited Rum Cay on June 23. It was our second attempt to anchor near the Government dock, due to strong winds. We tendered in to what remains of the marina, and were shocked to find the marina entrance completely closed in with sand. There is no entrance possible, and some boats are trapped in what remains of the basin. We went over to Kaye’s Restaurant (which is now also the island store in one corner.) Dolores’ daughter, Kaye, was most cordial, cooked lunch for us, and answered all our questions with grace and poise. Since Hurricane Joaquin, many buildings remain damaged. The mailboat dock is pilings only, but the mailboat still comes. Kaye told us that the marina is closed and the ownership is still tied up in court. She said there is no regularly scheduled air service, although the airport is open. We hope these resilient people (approximately 60 residents) get back on their feet. Kaye’s guest log shows that sailboats frequently stop by.

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