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Treasure Cay security gate coming May 1, 2017

The Treasure Cay Property Owners’ Association is pleased to announce the

implementation of plans to provide improved marine security for all who use the

waterways inside of Treasure Cay, via controlled access in and out of the channel to the

marina and private residence docks.

Beginning May 1, 2017, the entrance to the Treasure Cay channel north of the fuel dock

will be controlled with a cabled boom system between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM.

Security staff will be available via channel 16 (Treasure Cay Marina) and land line (242-

365-8899) to provide emergency access. Also, emergency docking for boats arriving at

Treasure Cay during the above hours will be available at the fuel dock, so that safe,

accessible, lighted dockage will always be available.

Numerous lighted signs will be installed along the channel so that boaters entering and

leaving the harbor will be given sufficient advance notice when the boom is in place.

Our Treasure Cay security teams will continue their nightly boat patrols in the harbor and

adjacent canals and our land based security guards will be available to assist as necessary.

This long awaited improvement to marine security is important for all boaters who live in

or visit Treasure Cay. This is one more step taken together by the Treasure Cay Property

Owners’ Association and Treasure Cay, Ltd. to see that boaters will have the security

they need and deserve in Treasure Cay.

For additional information contact: Bill McLean, Security Committee Chair


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