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Cable Near Anchor on Great Inagua Chart

Thanks to a cruiser for alerting us to the danger of an anchor near a submarine cable on the Great Inagua GI 3 . He reported that he anchored at 20° 58.308’N / 73° 40.840W.

We have studied several satellite photos of the area near the position of the anchor on Chart GI 3 at the very top of the chart. One of the photos appears to show traces of three possible cable trenches just east of this position. They lead to a track through the brush inland. A search world submarine cables and shows three cables terminating at Matthew Town, Great Inagua. From there the cables run to Mayaguana, Ragged Island, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The world cable map is not of a large enough scale to be specific as to the exact position of where the cables land. US NGA charts, used as a reference, don’t show any cables landing on Great Inagua.

We will immediately remove the anchor from the data base and all future charts and post an update on the Explorer Charts web site.

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