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Bimini Sands resturants..

FYI…both resturants at Bimini Sands are now closed.  To bad, as I always liked taking there bus out there, and enjoy the sand floor bar, and good burgers.  There susi bar was always good.  Gota wonder what was going on there…more stuff closing down…to bad..DenO

3 Responses to Bimini Sands resturants..

  • Odyssey says:

    There was a post on Chatter on April 30 that said they were both open. Closed in less than 2 weeks?

  • DenO says:

    Monty…the above post was written when we were there in the early part of April. Since then, according to the post that was posted about “Bimini Sands reopens”…the restaurants are now open. It is, however unfortunate , that they raised the price of dockage, just because the restaurants opened again. You do not get more business from boaters by raising the dockage prices.


  • biminibrad says:

    Infiniti pool restaraunt opened, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Old petite conch and ship store reopnd by memorial day. New washer and dryers are suppose to be in next week, current ones inop.

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