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Cruising Information

Tale of Two Lights

We have a first-hand report on two navigational lights; one of which is crucial to navigation in an open area and the other one entering Nassau Harbour from the east.

The first, the Northwest Channel Light, is still not lighted. There is a pole (approximately 30′) with a rope trailing from the top. This crucial light has not yet been replaced (for several years).

The second, the light on Porgee Rock, has been rebuilt and is working. The irony of this is that we just took that light off all of the Explorer charts of the area and published the new data last summer, and now it is working again! Oh well! So make a correction on your charts: The Porgee Rock Light is now working (for now).

Monty Lewis
Explorer Chartbooks

Long Island Mutton Festival in March

From the Long Island Tourist Office:

If you are setting sail this New Year, and looking for excitement during your journey, then Long Island Bahamas is the place to drop anchors!

We will be having two days of fun, live bands, Bahamian Artists, competitions, and goat skin demonstrations…much much more!!

Mutton Festival:
Friday, March 16th, & Saturday, March 17th, 2018
Salt Pond Cultural Site, Long Island, Bahamas

Long Island Tourist Office

Fishing tackle

Finding fishing tackle in Eleuthera can be hard. Found a great shop in Spanish Wells, Island Custom Rod and Tackle. Located on West end of Spanish Wells at end of 28th St North, about three blocks west of Food Fair. Great selection and good prices and very friendly service.

ATM in Spanish Wells

Scotia Bank in Spanish Wells has been replaced by CB Bank. While they have an atm I believe most foriegn debit cards will not work.
On Leo Pinder St the convenience store “Island Mart” has a Royal Bank of Canada atm inside which does work with international debit cards.

Meeks Patch Eleuthera no longer unoccupied

Meeks Parch, between Royal and Spanish Wells, now has a dozen pigs and some ducks residing there. Large sign adverising “Pig Island Adventures”.
Still a great anchorage, just no longer suitable to take dogs ashore.

New Source of Diesel Fuel


Thanks to John Gula for finding more economical fuel prices for cruisers. The power plant on the south shore of Russell Island (near Spanish Wells, Eleuthera) has a pier at longitude 76* 46.36’ W. They sell diesel at a reduced price. We verified the current price below.

$3.22 gal.VISA/MC accepted. SEE EXPLORER CHART EL 9.

Open to all vessels. This is a power plant co-op.

St. George’s Cay Power Co. Ltd.
Mr. Roylaton McKenzie
Operations Manager

US vessel siezed

4 January in Marsh Harbour Abaco Bahamian Customs and RBDF officers boarded and searched a US flagged MV that had not cleared customs. They found weaoons aboard. The two US citizens were handed over to Bahamian police and the vessel confiscated.

New fuel and dockage survey January 19, 2018

A new survey of dockage and fuel prices has been completed and posted showing most of the marinas offering these services in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time and they are shown in red.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Search for Missing Vessel

Sharing this info:BOLO for the S/V ELLIPSIS
Seven Seas Cruising Association’s HF Radio Service KPK has been asked for assistance in locating the S/V ELLIPSIS which departed Puerto Rico on December 26, 2017 on a voyage to St Augustine, Florida. The vessel is a 32’ Westsail cutter rig sloop, light tan hull, maroon stripe below the rail, with tan bark sails.
There are two POB. The Captain is Scott Kans, age approx 55, accompanied by crew Rafael Torres, approx age 30. Neither men are known to have medical issues, although Scott is believed to have a hernia.
The vessel has a 6 person life raft, however no EPIRB, SSB or HF Radio, or other means of communication other than two cell phones. They have no way to receive weather information since departing Puerto Rico. Scott’s cell phone is 787-306-9114.
The vessel sustained major damage during the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, including damage to its rigging which is believed to have been repaired prior to departing Puerto Rico. It is believed the vessel may have a cutlass bearing issue.
Their intended route was to pass close enough to the Turks and Caicos to allow them to call their emergency contact via cell phone. The contact expected hearing from them on or around January 2nd. From the Turks and Caicos they planned to continue through the East Bahamas into the Gulf Stream to St Augustine, Florida.
The USCG Sector Jacksonville has been notified.
Chris Parker of the Marine Weather Center is also aware of this overdue boat and will broadcast a lookout on his Monday SSB morning weather report for the Bahamas.
Dick Giddings of the afternoon Doo Dah SSB Net is also aware and broadcasting a lookout as well as putting it out on the morning Cruiseheimers Net.
KPK will ensure the Waterway Radio & Cruising Club Amateur Radio Net covers it as well as the both SSCA morning SSB nets at 1215 hrs UTC and 1315 hrs UTC on frequency 8.104.
Anyone with information regarding this vessel may contact and the USCG.
Glenn Tuttle – Net Manager
SSCA HF Radio Service KPK

north eluthera- spanish wells?

hi all,

later in the season we’ll have guests fly into north eluthera. we’ll probably be at the marina in spanish wells. anyone know about the connections/phone numbers we need to get them from airport to marina?




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