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Boat buddies

Is there a spot on here that posts destinations for other boaters?

We are in a 30′ Bayliner heading to South Florida in a few days and looking for others that are going to the Bahamas in mid December.

If anyone is going and looking to travel with another boat, we would appreciate your company and comments.

Thank you,

Ron and Bev

parker webcast?

hi all,

Has chris parker stopped doing his webcasts?


South Berry Islands Marine Reserve

We have received information of the existence of the South Berry Islands Marine Reserve. The information was forwarded by the Berry Islands Club and more information can be found at and a map of the reserve can be found at

John Dial, General Manager of the Berry Islands Club advises that the Reserve will be patrolled this year by the Bahamas Constable and no fishing is allowed. Boaters should mark their charts to avoid fishing in the area.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.07.16 AM

Crossing Gulfstream

We are coming up from Puerto Rico on a R&C 46′ cat via Providence Channel and wanted to know where the best place would be to anchor if we need to wow before crossing over to Fort Lauderdale.

Turks and Caicos Marinas Report

We have finally been able to get in touch with the marinas in the Turks and Caicos (mainly Providenciales). Hurricane Irma did some damage but most are recovering and back in operation. Here’s what we found:

Blue Haven: The floating docks were greatly damaged. There is no power or water on the docks currently. They are able to pump fuel and have limited dockage. There is minor shoaling in the channel and they will pilot boats in. The controlling depth is reported to be 10 feet.

Caicos Marina and Shipyard: We weren’t able to speak to anyone there because they are still without electricity and phone service. The report we received was that there was unknown damage to the docks, but it is believed that the channel into the marina is still accessible.

Southside Marina: They fared the best as they were small and better protected. The docks are open. They have electricity and fuel and other normal services. They channel has been re-marked with little change.

Turtle Cove Marina: They had extensive damage to their docks, but they have over half of their docks are back in service now. They will still pilot yachts into the marina. Channel depth has changed little.

The waypoints on the charts still mark the proper approach to the channels. We have been told that the routes in have changed little. The area has been receiving several transient boats recently.

We will continue to update you as we get more information.

Monty Lewis

Explorer Charts

New Fuel and Dockage Survey 10/28/17

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were up than down.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Ocean Reef Yacht Club inlet channel..aka..Silver Cove Inlet

Has anyone been in or out of the above channel, recently, that has a 6 foot draft?  There was some serious silting for Matthew, and some more added from Irma and Harvey, due to high winds.  Some dredging has been done…aka…attempted with backhoes from shore, but unable to reach all the way across.  Anyone have some input.  I know that a draft of around 4.5 to 5.o feet, at high water can be carried in, but, just wondering about 6.0 and above…thanks…

Submitting Bahamas Chatter posts via email

Hello cruisers!

For those new to the group, we welcome your comments and posts! We offer two ways to post to accommodate your needs.

1. Go directly to and post or comment from the web.

2. Cruisers can also comment directly from email. Once you subscribe to the group, please email  and request permission to post to Bahamas Chatter via email. Your forum membership will be changed to “author” status at which point you can post or comment directly by sending your message to

Thanks for your participation in this great group of cruisers willing and ready to share ideas and experiences!

Kate Fears

New pet policy

I downloaded the form and instructions to receive a permit to bring my dog to the Bahamas. I sent a money order for $15 ($10 for the application and $5 for the fax service). It has been about 5 weeks ago and still no permit. I noticed on this site the the fee has gone up.

Am I still covered? How do I get my permit if they don’t fax it to me? Is there a time frame for the vet’s health certificate? Is a shot record sufficient? Can I get the permit when I get there?

Any response and help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you

Boat buddy

We are presently located in NC and waiting on the season to end before heading to the east coast of Florida. (West Palm Beach area) and looking to head to West End in mid to late November. We are looking for other boaters to join in the trip. We are in a 30′ Bayliner and cruise around 20knts. We will eventually cruise our way through to DR and then on to home in Cabo Rojo, PR.

Thank you,

Ron and Bev




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