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With heavy heart I would like to announce the passing of…

A good friend and long, long time boater.  Mike Anderson known as “Mikey” has passed away on his beloved boat Silent Flight, in Salt Pond, Long Island.  Mike and I go way back to the days of St. Thomas, in Elephant Bay for 10 years…89 to 99 and before in the Bahamas.

Mike was a solo sailor for most of his sailing life.  He was always happy, and loved his rum.  It is unclear how he died…suspected heart attack.  He will be missed.  Dog lover…avid spear fisherman and maker of lobster jerky.

He was also a collector of glass fishing floats…because he went to places where the average cruiser never goes.  He once told me he had 15 on his boat and a storage room full someplace else…..

DenO…the old days..Seahawk..the new days…Gadabaut

TCI Update

We are happy to receive this report from TCI after Irma but before Maria. Our hope is that the report will continue to be favorable. Please send us any news you have on the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.
Sara and Monty

Hi Friends!

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts!

We have made it through safe and sound!

We were scheduled for closing for annual shutdown, however due to our favorite new girlfriends Hurricane Irma and Maria, we will have to let everyone know when the re-opening will now be. We are repairing and look forward to welcoming everyone very soon!

Ginny & Tom? and the Bohio Family!!

Bohio Dive Resort
Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
T: (649) 946 2135
F: (649) 946 1536

Bimini Sands Marina to reopen on September 21st

Bimini Sands Resort and Marina today announced that their property, located on South Bimini in The Bahamas, has emerged from Hurricane Irma without significant structural damage and is slated to reopen its doors to guests on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

“We couldn’t be happier to report that Bimini Sands has weathered the storm and we’ll be ready to welcome our friends and loyal guests back to their home away from home very soon,” said Brad G. Michael, Bimini Sands’ Resort Coordinator. “I am grateful to our dedicated and hardworking team, who have been working around the clock to ensure our resort and marina are back up and running as soon as possible.”

Bimini Sands is already making ice, has gasoline and diesel. The fact that the property suffered only minor damage to gutters, power slips on the docks and a few satellite dishes, can be attributed to its prime location, which is heavily protected by the island’s native mangroves.

Irma Update for Ragged Island

Ragged Island was devastated by Hurricane Irma. Apparently, the seven people who were not evacuated from the island survived, but the town itself has been deemed “uninhabitable” by government authorities. Most of the buildings are leveled, except for the Silvertail Lodge and a few others, and no government structures were left standing. The oil depot at Gun Point was also wiped out. The folks that survived the hurricane have also left the island. This is sad news for the many cruising boats that visit the Ragged Islands during the winter season. There will be none of the already limited facilities available. Boats cruising to the Ragged Islands are truly on their own.

Most Bahamas marinas open

The marine recreational sector of the Bahamas’ tourism industry is up and open for business. Most of the member marinas of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) are reporting no damage from hurricane Irma and are open and ready for business.

“This hurricane caused great damage throughout the region and the southern Bahamas,” says ABM President, Stephen Kappeler, “and we sympathize with the citizens of the islands that were so badly affected. We are also deeply concerned about the welfare of citizens of the state of Florida, whose lives have been so disrupted by hurricane Irma,” he said.

“However, we are greatly relieved that hurricane Irma by-passed so many of the islands in The Bahamas and spared most of our members from damage or dislocation,” said Kappeler.

Full article attached in Word file or at following link:

Basil Smith
Executive Director
Association of Bahamas Marinas
(242) 462-4376


Irma Update on Little Farmers Cay

Good afternoon Monty and Sara Lewis, thanks for checking on us. Every thing is fine with us we did not get any damage from Irma.
Thank God for that. We prayed for Ragged Island and the other Cays .We also pray for the Caribbean Islands.
We also pray for South Florida and the Cays, Texas .There is no damage to the Yacht Club .We will Be open for next Winter Gods will.
Best regards,

Roosevelt Nixon
Farmers Cay Yacht Club.

Irma Update on Staniel Cay

Hi All – just wanted to let you know that we escaped with virtually no significant damage at SCYC and the island in general.

Re-opening schedule:
Bar (open)
Fuel Dock (open)
Restaurant (open Tuesday)
Hotel (open Thursday)
Marina (open Thursday)

We hope you all made it through the storm OK!

Turks & Caicos Photos

As of today, September 11, the airport at Providenciales is still not open. There is no power and water. All supplies come to the islands by boat from Florida and none have been able to get there so far.

Here are some photos from Provo:

Turtle Cove Shops

Turtle Cove entrance


Bahamas Update after Irma

We have received bits and pieces of information from various sources and will continue to post them here as they come in. We invite you to post text and links and pictures as you get them.
Monty and Sara Lewis
Explorer Chartbooks

Peace and Plenty Hotel in George Town, Exuma, reported moderate damage to their dock but little damage otherwise.

Exuma Yacht Club suffered serious damage to its docks. A major rebuild will be required.

We had a report of Big Major’s Swimming Pigs with no harm done. The Central and Northern Exumas did not seem to suffer any damage except perhaps for beach erosion and some downed trees.

Long Island was spared any major damage. The odd thing was all the water being pushed out of the bank side, leaving the western flats exposed.

A video of Acklins showed a walk along the western shoreline revealing thousands of dead fish washed up. Again, water was pushed off the bank side exposing flats and habitats.

Ragged Island took a bad hit with buildings destroyed.

Bimini experienced water over the streets and many buildings with floors under water as well as marina docks under water and being hammered by waves. No report on the extent of damage.

Updates for Turks & Caicos

We will continue to post news from Irma’s passage as we get it. Please feel free to send us more information to share.

Sara and Monty Lewis

More pix

baci and shark bite


Turtle Cove entrance

Turtle Cove Shops

Sept. 9, From Dan at TCI Villas:
Thankfully I still have not heard of any loss of life or injuries. We have heard back on the condition of most villas and almost without exception the damage is very minimal. A status on power/water/communications/airport is below

Water – Statement from the water company – Following yesterday’s temporary switch on, Provo Water Company have identified and fixed a number of bursts caused by Hurricane Irma. We shall be switching on water supply again today between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., so once again encourage customers to fill water containers between those hours to have water available when the water supply is switched off again. We again request that any leaks or bursts observed are reported to 231-0705. This will enable us to record and attend to those leaks, to more quickly restore normal operations at the earliest opportunity. If you do not have cell service, you can report observed leaks via this page. Thank you for your assistance and patience while we restore the network.
Power – Fortis trucks can be seen throughout the island making repairs. As soon as the airport opens Fortis said it will bring in 50+ additional workers to help get power lines restored. They estimate 2-3 weeks until power is largely restored. A statement from them is attached
Communications – The cell phone voice network is mostly down however the cell phone data network is operating sporadicly. I have had success calling the island over the data network as opposed to the cell phone network. The free app “Whatsapp” can be used to make/receive voice calls over the data network.. This app also has a texting feature.
Airport – PRESS RELEASE HURRICANE IRMA ?UPDATE? #2?: Flight Operations Soon Restored
PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands, Saturday, September 9th, 2017– The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) announces that flight operations will soon be restored as we assess the aftermath of the storm and first focus on emergency and rescue flights.
Scheduled carrier flights remain suspended within the Turks & Caicos Islands until further notice.
Flight operations are expected to resume at all Airports as soon as possible, since the ” All Clear” has been issued.
As the airport operator and air navigation service provider, the Airports Authority remains committed to the safety of aircraft, passengers, staff and other users of the airport. The Authority regrets any inconvenience caused and passengers are asked to contact their respective airlines for flight scheduling.
The Airports Authority is grateful that we are able to survive this storm and will continue to focus on restoration efforts to ensure minimal disruption of service.

I previously mentioned that the beach in Turtle Cove is new and improved with a lot of sand. Here are some photos. This was taken in front of Conch Beach Villa (formerly Conch Pearl) which is just to the right of bridge road on coconut rd.

I will continue to send updates as I know them.

all best regards,
Dan (TCI Villas)



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