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Long Island

With heavy heart I would like to announce the passing of…

A good friend and long, long time boater.  Mike Anderson known as “Mikey” has passed away on his beloved boat Silent Flight, in Salt Pond, Long Island.  Mike and I go way back to the days of St. Thomas, in Elephant Bay for 10 years…89 to 99 and before in the Bahamas.

Mike was a solo sailor for most of his sailing life.  He was always happy, and loved his rum.  It is unclear how he died…suspected heart attack.  He will be missed.  Dog lover…avid spear fisherman and maker of lobster jerky.

He was also a collector of glass fishing floats…because he went to places where the average cruiser never goes.  He once told me he had 15 on his boat and a storage room full someplace else…..

DenO…the old days..Seahawk..the new days…Gadabaut

Most Bahamas marinas open

The marine recreational sector of the Bahamas’ tourism industry is up and open for business. Most of the member marinas of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) are reporting no damage from hurricane Irma and are open and ready for business.

“This hurricane caused great damage throughout the region and the southern Bahamas,” says ABM President, Stephen Kappeler, “and we sympathize with the citizens of the islands that were so badly affected. We are also deeply concerned about the welfare of citizens of the state of Florida, whose lives have been so disrupted by hurricane Irma,” he said.

“However, we are greatly relieved that hurricane Irma by-passed so many of the islands in The Bahamas and spared most of our members from damage or dislocation,” said Kappeler.

Full article attached in Word file or at following link:

Basil Smith
Executive Director
Association of Bahamas Marinas
(242) 462-4376


Bahamas Update after Irma

We have received bits and pieces of information from various sources and will continue to post them here as they come in. We invite you to post text and links and pictures as you get them.
Monty and Sara Lewis
Explorer Chartbooks

Peace and Plenty Hotel in George Town, Exuma, reported moderate damage to their dock but little damage otherwise.

Exuma Yacht Club suffered serious damage to its docks. A major rebuild will be required.

We had a report of Big Major’s Swimming Pigs with no harm done. The Central and Northern Exumas did not seem to suffer any damage except perhaps for beach erosion and some downed trees.

Long Island was spared any major damage. The odd thing was all the water being pushed out of the bank side, leaving the western flats exposed.

A video of Acklins showed a walk along the western shoreline revealing thousands of dead fish washed up. Again, water was pushed off the bank side exposing flats and habitats.

Ragged Island took a bad hit with buildings destroyed.

Bimini experienced water over the streets and many buildings with floors under water as well as marina docks under water and being hammered by waves. No report on the extent of damage.

Hurricane Irma and the Bahamas

We know that you, our subscribers to the Bahamas Chatter, are watching and praying that Hurricane Irma spares life and property as it passes through the Bahamas. We have let many of the facilities in the Bahamas know that we will be glad to post their updates and information here as they can send it. For any of you who have contacts and information on what is going on the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, and also suggestions for how to help, please send us a post here on the Chatter, or send an email to We will be faithful to keep this forum open for news.

We understand that BahamasAir has been flying residents off of the southeastern Bahamas and Ragged Island. As one Long Islander explained it, Nassau is the hub for all the Family Islands and when it is hampered, all of the islands suffer. It is not only the center for communications but also for distribution of supplies and aid.

Here’s a heart-felt reply to our note to Chub Cay Marina:

Hi. Thank you for your concern. After working so hard to get Chub back to where it was pre Matthew it is sad to see that Irma might undo it again. We have done all our preparation and have flown out most of our people. Now we just pray for the best. And not just for us but to all that’s in the path of Storming Irma.
Stay safe everyone. Life is more important than anything else.

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were down than up.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were up than down.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Long Island Cruisers Net

The chartbooks indicate that the Cruisers Net in Salt Pond is at 0830 on Channel 18. However, after the previous net manager abandoned it the net was changed to 0815 on Channel 18. I recently mentioned this to FAIRHAVEN the net manager and she is considering moving it back to 0830. If you sail into Thompson Bay and Salt Pond feel free to hail FAIRHAVEN and confirm the time she is doing the net. Lots of great info for new cruisers about the lively happenings for boaters there.

Long Island Update

Good news not only for the Long Island Rally heading for Salt Pond from George Town today but also for all cruisers to the Thompson Bay area. The former Pirates of the Caribbean, on the north shore of Thompson Bay, has reopened to offer several important services to yachts in the Bay. It is now called Tiny’s Hurricane Hole and boaters can take their dinghy there to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, use the WiFi, and even do laundry while relaxing with a beautiful view. Two of the cottages are available as well for those who want to bring guests to the island.

Long Island Petroleum is fully operational with plenty of water at the new dock. However, a word of caution: the dredging may have left a little silt at the channel entrance, but it is easily manageable at high tide.

Bahamas Update after Hurricane Matthew

October 28, 2016

Most of the hurricane damage was on Andros, Berry Islands, Grand Bahama, and Nassau on New Providence. In the other islands, damage was slight or nil. We were unable to contact a number of marinas, probably due to the phone lines not yet being repaired, particularly in the Berrys and Grand Bahama. We would appreciate it if our subscribers send us any current information so that we can share it with the larger Bahamas  Chatter group.

In our recent fuel survey, rates were in general up, rather than down, but not by much.



Bimini sources report that another cruise ship operation is coming to the island. Details are unconfirmed at this point.

Albany Marina on New Providence is closed for repairs and set to open November 1, 2016. There was a considerable amount of damage from the hurricane.

We were unable to contact the Berry Islands Club, Chub Cay Club, Grand Bahama Yacht Club, Man o War Marina, Port Lucaya, and Spanish Cay for an update on the hurricane. All other marinas in the area are open.

Brown’s Boat Basin had some damage to their docks but are open.

Great Harbour Cay Marina is open but the phones are not working yet. There are a lot of trees down over wires. Also Steve Johnson is the new manager there.

Knowles Marine Yacht Services with minimal damage. However, there is a boulder partially in the entrance channel. There is room to pass by. Hopefully, it will be removed soon.

Leeward Yacht Club is making renovations to their dock.

Nassau Harbour Club had some dock damage but they are open.

Old Bahama Bay is open and are taking relief supplies for the village of West End.  No water, electricity or phone and they can’t take credit cards or pump fuel.

Palm Cay Marina has several channel markers missing. Although there was damage to the beach, the marina is fully operational.




In Elizabeth Harbour, there were some boats that sank in the hurricane holes, but they have been pulled up. The reported fire at Exuma Market was minor and the damage has been repaired.

Exuma Yacht Club had extensive damage to the piers. They can accommodate only about three boats, yet they are able to fuel boats.

We were unable to contact Farmers Cay Yacht Club.

Highbourne Cay Marina is open with no damage.



Davis Harbour Marina had some damage and they are currently dredging the channel. They are open.

No damage at Flying Fish Marina.

Long Island Petroleum fuel dock had no damage, but the fuel pump had to be moved to land and has not been relocated at the dock. They can pump fuel from the truck.

We were unable to contact Harbour Island Marina and Stella Maris Marina. All other marinas and fuel services in this area are open with no damage.

New Fuel and Dockage Survey, October 28, 2016

More fuel prices up than down. Some marinas are repairing hurricane damge. The new monthly Explorer Fuel and Dockage survey is posted on our website Click on Fuel and Dockage prices in the menu on the left side of the home page.

As always, we appreciate the individual reports you send us of any changes in prices from the date of this survey. Send an email to for any new prices you find until the next survey.



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