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Berry Islands

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were down than up.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Looking for a buddy cruiser Bimini to Chub

We are leaving the Bimini Big Game on Tuesday July 11th.  We cruise at 10kts.  We would love to cruise with another boat.

Thanks  Dynamic Duo Plus

8th Edition of Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas

For those of you who have been waiting for the newest edition (8th) of the popular Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas, which includes the Biminis, Berrys, Andros, Grand Bahama, Abacos, and New Providence), it is ready to ship to your doorstep. Order online at

And remember that the new 8th edition of the Explorer Chartbook Exumas just came out last week! If you order all three chartbooks online, you get $4 off each chartbook for a savings of $12. Shipping is free.

Here’s a peek at the new Near Bahamas:
SS NB 8th cover

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were up than down.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Porgee Rocks Light missing

The charted light on Porgee  Rocks east of Nassau Harbour (Fl 3s 8m 5M, near 25° 03.98′ N/77° 14.61′ W) no longer exists. Only a short rusted base of the pole on which the light was mounted remains. We have no information on whether the RBDF intends to replace the light.

Also, the Northwest Channel light remains missing. A tall steel pole that was placed at the charted position last year, just south of the Northwest Channel Waypoint, (25° 28.20′ N/78° 09.60′ W) remains as a hazard with no light at night.

Berry Islands Club Reopening

Great news From the owner of the Berry Islands Club: After a very difficult year of renovation and then Hurricane Matthew, the Berry Islands Club will be operating in two weeks. We will have new mooring lines, a new desalination water unit, re-built dock and are working to put wi-fi in place. We are also expanding our solar system. Petroleum product sales are another month out. We will have great food and a full bar service in two weeks or give us three to be sure.

Chub Cay

FYI Chub Cay Marina closed until sometime 2017.  NO CUSTOMS CLEARANCE in Chub Cay.

New Fuel and Dockage Survey, November 26, 2016

Fuel prices were mixed, some up, some down. Some marinas are still repairing hurricane damge. The new monthly Explorer Fuel and Dockage survey is posted on our website Click on Fuel and Dockage prices in the menu on the left side of the home page.

As always, we appreciate the individual reports you send us of any changes in prices from the date of this survey. Send an email to for any new prices you find until the next survey.

Chub Cay Marina remains closed

CHUB CAY, The Berry Islands, The Bahamas — After viewing the damage left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew on Chub Cay, Minister with responsibility for Hurricane Relief and Restoration the Hon. Shane Gibson pointed out, on October 31, 2016 that Chub Cay’s damage affects residents of North Andros, many of whom are still attempting to restore their lives after the Hurricane’s onslaught on that nearby island.

He explained that with the resort at Chub Cay now closed, persons who worked on the operational side were no longer on the job — unless they were able to work on construction and maintenance.

He described it as in fact “a double blow” for those who worked on Chub Cay, and came from Lowe Sound.

Minister Gibson led a small team to the island to view the damage and the work done by the property to address and rectify any issues. He said that it was his first visit to Chub Cay and he was very impressed by the property and the restoration efforts that are already full swing. Minister Gibson also related what he saw during the tour of the property.

“When you look at the homes that were impacted, obviously it is going to be a while before they get back to some sense of normalcy again…. Quite a number of the homes have some damage to them. The marina is closed right now, which is really preventing them from having their normal operations,” Minister Gibson related. “When you look around and see the kind of damage that they have, I think they estimate that they have four or five million dollars in total.”

Minister Gibson met a number of Bahamians who were working on the restoration and construction process, as well as being guided through work being done by a subcontractor, Jones Industrial Maintenance, by the company’s CEO Kristan Jones.

He noted that it appeared to him, the biggest challenge the property will have is getting the company that normally repairs the marina to schedule them in — considering that a number of marinas in The Bahamas and the Southeastern US seaboard where affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Minister Gibson also pointed out that a number of the homes were insured and that the adjustors had already viewed them. The ones that were not insured belonged to high-income owners who would probably address that issue personally, he noted.

When asked about government assistance being considered in the restoration effort, Minister Gibson quickly pointed out, “they are operating 100 percent independent of us.”

He added that some benefit has come to the employees with respect to restoration in that a number of high net worth persons, who own homes at Chub Cay, have already begun repairing accommodations of a number of the employees.

However, Minister Gibson’s thoughts were again on the residents of Lowe Sound, who cannot work on Chub Cay until the repairs and restorations are completed.

“Some of them are not able to work now because the resort is closed and, of course, for most them, they lost all of their belongings,” he said quietly.

Bahamas Update after Hurricane Matthew

October 28, 2016

Most of the hurricane damage was on Andros, Berry Islands, Grand Bahama, and Nassau on New Providence. In the other islands, damage was slight or nil. We were unable to contact a number of marinas, probably due to the phone lines not yet being repaired, particularly in the Berrys and Grand Bahama. We would appreciate it if our subscribers send us any current information so that we can share it with the larger Bahamas  Chatter group.

In our recent fuel survey, rates were in general up, rather than down, but not by much.



Bimini sources report that another cruise ship operation is coming to the island. Details are unconfirmed at this point.

Albany Marina on New Providence is closed for repairs and set to open November 1, 2016. There was a considerable amount of damage from the hurricane.

We were unable to contact the Berry Islands Club, Chub Cay Club, Grand Bahama Yacht Club, Man o War Marina, Port Lucaya, and Spanish Cay for an update on the hurricane. All other marinas in the area are open.

Brown’s Boat Basin had some damage to their docks but are open.

Great Harbour Cay Marina is open but the phones are not working yet. There are a lot of trees down over wires. Also Steve Johnson is the new manager there.

Knowles Marine Yacht Services with minimal damage. However, there is a boulder partially in the entrance channel. There is room to pass by. Hopefully, it will be removed soon.

Leeward Yacht Club is making renovations to their dock.

Nassau Harbour Club had some dock damage but they are open.

Old Bahama Bay is open and are taking relief supplies for the village of West End.  No water, electricity or phone and they can’t take credit cards or pump fuel.

Palm Cay Marina has several channel markers missing. Although there was damage to the beach, the marina is fully operational.




In Elizabeth Harbour, there were some boats that sank in the hurricane holes, but they have been pulled up. The reported fire at Exuma Market was minor and the damage has been repaired.

Exuma Yacht Club had extensive damage to the piers. They can accommodate only about three boats, yet they are able to fuel boats.

We were unable to contact Farmers Cay Yacht Club.

Highbourne Cay Marina is open with no damage.



Davis Harbour Marina had some damage and they are currently dredging the channel. They are open.

No damage at Flying Fish Marina.

Long Island Petroleum fuel dock had no damage, but the fuel pump had to be moved to land and has not been relocated at the dock. They can pump fuel from the truck.

We were unable to contact Harbour Island Marina and Stella Maris Marina. All other marinas and fuel services in this area are open with no damage.



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