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New Flights to Abacos

NEW direct service from Nassau to Treasure Cay TCB on BAHAMAS AIR
Effective June 22 Bahamasair will reintroduce the Nassau/Treasure Cay
service. The flight will operate as follow:

Thurs/Sat/Sun depart Nassau at 6:30 am arrive Treasure Cay 7:40am – (note
stop in MHH first)
Thurs/Sat/Sun Depart Treasure Cay at 8:00am on the return to Nassau arrive

Mon/Thurs/Sun the flight will depart Nassau at 5:00pm arrive Treasure Cay at
5:35pm –
Mon/Thurs/Sun Depart Treasure Cay at 5:55pm arrive Nassau 7:05PM on the
return(note stop in MHH).

New Airlift-Fly Exclusive Bahamas

Direct Service from Nassau to Marsh Harbor: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
–morning AND evening flights available

Direct Service Nassau to Treasure Cay starting in July

Delta Airlines (800.455.2720):
Direct service between Atlanta and Marsh
Harbour (MHH) on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Island Wings (954.617.8804):
Direct flights between Fort Lauderdale
Executive Airport (EXE) and Treasure Cay on Monday, Thursday, Friday &
Tropic Ocean Airways (888.962.7728): Treasure Cay – Monday & Friday, Marsh
Harbour – Monday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday

Silver Airways (801.0401.9100):
Direct service between Fort Lauderdale and
Treasure Cay

Air Unlimited (888.962.7728):
Direct service between Sanford(KSFP) and
Treasure Cay (TCB) or Marsh Harbour (MHH) on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were down than up.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

8th Edition of Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas

For those of you who have been waiting for the newest edition (8th) of the popular Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas, which includes the Biminis, Berrys, Andros, Grand Bahama, Abacos, and New Providence), it is ready to ship to your doorstep. Order online at

And remember that the new 8th edition of the Explorer Chartbook Exumas just came out last week! If you order all three chartbooks online, you get $4 off each chartbook for a savings of $12. Shipping is free.

Here’s a peek at the new Near Bahamas:
SS NB 8th cover

Treasure Cay Events

Check out the following link to see what exciting things are going on for the rest of June at Treasure Cay Resort and Marina on Great Abaco:

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were up than down.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Treasure Cay security gate coming May 1, 2017

The Treasure Cay Property Owners’ Association is pleased to announce the

implementation of plans to provide improved marine security for all who use the

waterways inside of Treasure Cay, via controlled access in and out of the channel to the

marina and private residence docks.

Beginning May 1, 2017, the entrance to the Treasure Cay channel north of the fuel dock

will be controlled with a cabled boom system between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM.

Security staff will be available via channel 16 (Treasure Cay Marina) and land line (242-

365-8899) to provide emergency access. Also, emergency docking for boats arriving at

Treasure Cay during the above hours will be available at the fuel dock, so that safe,

accessible, lighted dockage will always be available.

Numerous lighted signs will be installed along the channel so that boaters entering and

leaving the harbor will be given sufficient advance notice when the boom is in place.

Our Treasure Cay security teams will continue their nightly boat patrols in the harbor and

adjacent canals and our land based security guards will be available to assist as necessary.

This long awaited improvement to marine security is important for all boaters who live in

or visit Treasure Cay. This is one more step taken together by the Treasure Cay Property

Owners’ Association and Treasure Cay, Ltd. to see that boaters will have the security

they need and deserve in Treasure Cay.

For additional information contact: Bill McLean, Security Committee Chair


Man-O-War Boat Builders Memorial – April 1st

Just wanted everyone to know the Boat Builders Memorial dedication on MOW Abaco is still slated for April 1. Food, presentations, demonstrations and lots of wooden boats. See you there.

Buddy Boat to the Abacos

Planning Abaco trip from SW Florida (Punta Gorda) via Okeechobee leaving April 7, 8, or 9. 17+ knot power boat. Would like crossing buddy boat.
Tyler Swanson

Explorer Chartbook Waypoint Corrections

Three errors have been found in Waypoint Lists in two chartbooks. Please note the following in your books:


On the Waypoint List on p. 62, there is an error in the Schooner Bay waypoint. (The same waypoint on Chart 4 p. 13 and Chart AB 25 on p. 46 is correct on the charts; the error is only on the Waypoint List.)
Please change the Schooner Bay waypoint on p. 62 to

26° 10.50’N
77° 09.95’ W.


On the Waypoint List on p. 55, there is an error in the French Bay (San Salvador) waypoint and the French Cay (Turks & Caicos) waypoint. (The same waypoints on Chart SAN 1 p. 41, Chart SAN 3 p. 42, and Chart TC1 p. 74 are correct on the charts; the error is only on the Waypoint List.)

Please change the French Bay waypoint on p. 55 to
23° 56.35’N
72° 33.05’ W.

and the French Cay waypoint on p. 55 to

21° 30.30’N
72° 12.40’ W.

Thanks much to Captain Bradley Elder for pointing out two of these errors and helping us to find the third. Many times we are asked for a digital waypoint list so the captain can plug in the entire list of waypoints into the GPS chartplotter. This type of transcription error is exactly why we don’t make available a digital waypoint list. We always say that it is not wise to enter a list because of the possibility of errors in the original list. It is best to type in and verify your own list of the waypoints you actually use. It’s not necessary to have all the waypoints on your GPS; you can never use all of them. On our vessel, we put in waypoints only as necessary that we need for the trip. We check them carefully as we enter them to see if they appear on the right place on the chart.

After all the proofreading we do, we still somehow missed these errors. We greatly apologize for these mistakes but are grateful that they have been caught and corrected.

We encourage you to let us know of anything else you suspect might not be correct so that we can check it and rectify any mistakes.

Monty Lewis

Abacos Update

Abaco Update

As we travel the Abacos, we are pleased to share with you things that have changed since our 7th edition of the Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas. We recently updated you on Spanish Cay and Green Turtle Cay and now we can add our findings for the rest of the island group.

Sara and Monty Lewis

NAVIGATION NOTES: North Bar Channel—wreck of a stranded barge on the north tip of Linyard Cay.

Marsh Harbour— entering the harbour only the red buoy is lighted, not the green buoy. The flashing green lights shown on the chart at Outer Point Cay and Inner Point Cay are not functioning.


Guana Hideaways Marina is not operational.


American and Delta now fly to both Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay airports. Tropic Ocean has added flights to MHH as well.

The phone number for the Treasure Cay fuel dock is 242-365-8869.

New numbers under MEDICAL SERVICES. Integrated Medical Center 242-365-8186/8092 and Emergency 242-458-1234.

The price of the moorings is now $30/night and the anchoring fee in the basin has gone up to $20/night.

Add Bahamas Beach Club and Treasure Sands Club to RESTAURANTS.


A disappointment for lovers of baked goods, Lola Sawyer no longer delivers her sweets and treats by golf cart. However, Ena’s Place Bakery (242-365-6060/475-8118) has taken over providing bread and other goodies. She comes around to the marina and the MOW Grocery and you can also call her for custom orders.

Under FERRY, add G&L, a new enterprise from Grant Albury with regular schedules to Marsh Harbour and other spots as well as a charter ferry service for special needs, such as your guests flying in to meet you on the island 242-366-6208.

The government clinic is closed. There is no set schedule for the doctor visits.

Some changes under RESTAURANTS: Islanders Seaside and Island Treats Ice Cream are closed. The good news is, in addition to the Dock n Dine at the marina, the Hibiscus has reopened and also added an ice cream shop to the side of the building.

There is a new gift and straw shop as part of the marina complex. It is called Native Jewels and it carries high quality all- Bahamian straw work, jewelry and other gifts. 242-425-0265.


For GROCERIES, Albury’s Fish Market, Salty’s Sky Market and Sweetings are no longer in operation.

The former Hope Town Hideaways Marina is now a part of the newly expanded Hope Town Inn and Marina.

Sea Spray Resort and Marina is undergoing some improvements and expansion of the dockside restaurant and bar under its new ownership.

As with most Bahamian communities, public phones are no longer available in town.

The Sugar Shack burned and its Sun-Dried T’s is gone along with it.


Customs and Immigration will come to the marina docks to clear you in.

Long’s Landing (seafood market) is closed. In its place is the Island Sports Bar.

Marsh Harbour Boatyards also has fuel

The Double R Convenience Store is across the street from the Conch Inn.

The number for the Ambulance is 242-359-6282.

FLIGHTS: Baer Air and Island Express are no longer flying in to MH or Treasure Cay.

No obvious changes in the other island communities.



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