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Disney may build cruise ship resort on Eleuthera

In a decision criticized by locals and environmentalists, the government of the Bahamas has given tentative approval to a plan by Disney Cruise Line to build a cruise port on the southern tip of Eleuthera.

The port would be part of a 746-acre development by the subsidiary of the Walt Disney Co. entertainment empire and would include a pier, shops, marina, restaurants and walkways through nearby forest and around salt ponds.

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Small Vessel Reporting System replaced by CBP ROAM on 9/5/2018

Effective September 5, 2018, the Small Vessel Reporting System will no longer be in service and float plans will no longer be accepted. Instead, pleasure boaters are encouraged to use the CBP Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile (ROAM) application when boating into the U.S. from a foreign port or place. Existing SVRS numbers will continue to remain valid and may be entered in the CBP ROAM app for expedited processing. Boaters may also continue to report their arrival via designated telephone reporting numbers or report to a port of entry, if desired.


The CBP ROAM app is a convenient and efficient way to report your U.S. entry from a smart device. Travelers can use the CBP ROAM app to input their biographic and trip information, followed by a video interview with a CBP Officer, to meet reporting requirements. While all travelers may use the CBP ROAM app, there may be circumstances in which a boater must still report in person to CBP, including, but not limited to, if an I-94 or other document is required, if customs duties must be paid, or in other relevant circumstances. Please refer below for additional detail and information:


Where can I download the CBP ROAM app?

Download CBP ROAM on your Android or Apple device! Detailed instructions on how to install and use the app on a personal device are attached for your reference. In certain locations, travelers can use a CBP tablet located at a partner organization to access the CBP ROAM app.


Where can the CBP ROAM app be used?

The CBP ROAM app can be used to report U.S. entry by boat in the Great Lakes, most of the Eastern Seaboard (from Delaware to Florida), U.S. territories in the Caribbean, Texas, and San Diego, California. Additional locations are being added, and travelers should contact their local port of entry to confirm whether arrival submissions via the CBP ROAM app are accepted.


How do I use the CBP ROAM app to report my U.S. entry?

After downloading the CBP ROAM app and creating an account on, enter your traveler, mode of travel, and trip details for your U.S. entry. After submitting the trip, a CBP Officer will review your submission and may initiate a video interview if necessary. Following the video interview, you will receive a notification and an email with your clearance status and/or next steps. For expedited processing, individuals without a Trusted Traveler number may also apply to enroll as a “Verified Traveler” through the CBP ROAM app; approved travelers will receive a Verified Traveler number that can be used for future trips.


For more information on the CBP ROAM app, visit the CBP ROAM page on CBP’s website. For CBP ROAM questions or comments, please reach out to


Happy boating and stay safe!


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

New dock at Lorraine’s Cafe, Black Point, Exuma

Lorraine's Cafe dock

Lorraine’s Cafe dock

New Minister proposes mooring fees

In an article published in the Bahamas Tribune on July 4th, the newly-appointed transport minister yesterday said he will look to introduce Family Island mooring fees for foreign cruising vessels. To read the entire article go to:

Conch poisoning on the rise in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Tribune has reported 22 confirmed cases of vibrio parahaemolyticus from persons eating raw conch in the Bahamas. Go to for the entire article.

Many cases of food poisoning from conch cleaned in the Potters Cay Dock area of Nassau Harbour have occurred in the past.

Flats fishing regulation of 2017 suspended

NASSAU, The Bahamas, 24 April, 2018…..   News that the Government has suspended the Flats Fishing Regulations has been welcomed by the Association of Bahamas Marinas, which had protested the passing of the regulations when they were passed in 2017 out of concern for a detrimental impact on the country’s appeal as a destination for fishing enthusiasts.

The association regrets that its concern has, in fact, proved to be well founded, given reports of a subsequent decline as high as 40 percent in bookings at bonefish lodges.

Now experiencing a bumper season in marina activity, the association regards the government’s decision as well timed and expects it will give the fishing lodges an opportunity to regain momentum and re-establish The Bahamas’ reputation as a premier fly-fishing destination.

Marina users spend large amounts purchasing goods and services in The Bahamas. Boaters, drawn to The Bahamas to fish will purchase fuel, groceries, supplies and repairs, gifts and souvenirs, entertainment, taxi services, food and beverages. The association recognises the impact the 2017 regulations has had on lodges, taxi drivers and Family Island communities and hails the government’s decision as well-timed.

The ABM expressed relief that onerous and impractical regulations will not now place a damper on the country’s ability to capitalise on the buoyant market conditions in the US and is convinced that  regulations can be developed that will serve the interest of both supplier and consumer, while generating even greater economic benefits for the country.


Is Flo’s Conch Bar still open?

Anyone know if still open and operating?

Tried e-mail and phone without success

Headed over to Bahamas 4/30 from Key Largo, Fl to Bimini, Chubb and Berry’s.

Carter Hopkins
Amazing Grace


Family Island Regatta begins April 25, 2018

The National Family Island Regatta begins Wednesday, April 25 in Elizabeth Harbour, Exuma.

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New flights to Bimini

Now there are now even more options for getting to Bimini Sands!
Bahamas Air will start service to South Bimini in May. They will offer flights from Miami 4 days a week.
FRS Caribbean offers ferry service to north Bimini.
Tropic Ocean Airways offers regular service to north Bimini and private charters to north and south.


New Source of Diesel Fuel


Thanks to John Gula for finding more economical fuel prices for cruisers. The power plant on the south shore of Russell Island (near Spanish Wells, Eleuthera) has a pier at longitude 76* 46.36’ W. They sell diesel at a reduced price. We verified the current price below.

$3.22 gal.VISA/MC accepted. SEE EXPLORER CHART EL 9.

Open to all vessels. This is a power plant co-op.

St. George’s Cay Power Co. Ltd.
Mr. Roylaton McKenzie
Operations Manager