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Bimini Sands Marina to reopen on September 21st

Bimini Sands Resort and Marina today announced that their property, located on South Bimini in The Bahamas, has emerged from Hurricane Irma without significant structural damage and is slated to reopen its doors to guests on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

“We couldn’t be happier to report that Bimini Sands has weathered the storm and we’ll be ready to welcome our friends and loyal guests back to their home away from home very soon,” said Brad G. Michael, Bimini Sands’ Resort Coordinator. “I am grateful to our dedicated and hardworking team, who have been working around the clock to ensure our resort and marina are back up and running as soon as possible.”

Bimini Sands is already making ice, has gasoline and diesel. The fact that the property suffered only minor damage to gutters, power slips on the docks and a few satellite dishes, can be attributed to its prime location, which is heavily protected by the island’s native mangroves.

Most Bahamas marinas open

The marine recreational sector of the Bahamas’ tourism industry is up and open for business. Most of the member marinas of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) are reporting no damage from hurricane Irma and are open and ready for business.

“This hurricane caused great damage throughout the region and the southern Bahamas,” says ABM President, Stephen Kappeler, “and we sympathize with the citizens of the islands that were so badly affected. We are also deeply concerned about the welfare of citizens of the state of Florida, whose lives have been so disrupted by hurricane Irma,” he said.

“However, we are greatly relieved that hurricane Irma by-passed so many of the islands in The Bahamas and spared most of our members from damage or dislocation,” said Kappeler.

Full article attached in Word file or at following link:

Basil Smith
Executive Director
Association of Bahamas Marinas
(242) 462-4376


New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were down than up.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

New touring fee at Highbourne Cay

Highbourne Cay is now charging a $25 landing fee for persons who are not registered at the marina to tour the cay. This fee does not apply to persons just going to the store, the restaurant, or getting fuel.

New fuel and dockage survey

We just completed a survey of most of the marinas offering fuel and dockage in the Bahamas. Some we were unable to contact at the present time. More diesel and gas prices were up than down.

Please go to our website under Fuel and Dockage Prices to check our latest findings. We will be updating continuously as we get new information.

Bimini Sands reopens restaurants and stores

Gaylord Taylor and Helena Burrows are the new property managers at Bimini Sands on the beach at South Bimini.  As new managers they will oversee the grounds, amenities, security and day to day aspects of keeping Bimini Sands running smoothly with a smile.

Grab an ice cold cocktail and enjoy the beautiful infinity pool while Chef George cooks up your catch. The Little Dipper restaurant and bar is now open 7 days a week, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Petite Conch will reopen in mid May as the Big Dipper under the leadership of Phylicia (Philly) Ferguson. The Ship Store will also reopen mid May, bringing more amenities and comforts back to our guests. Want to explore South Bimini? Bicycles are now for rent at the office. Head over and see Shelly and start your adventure today.

Nothing ruins a beautiful Bimini day faster than mosquitoes, the management has brought in a new team to tackle this issue. They have started an aggressive treatment program and they are already seeing and feeling a huge difference.

Dockage for most boats is now $2.25 per foot.

Treasure Cay security gate coming May 1, 2017

The Treasure Cay Property Owners’ Association is pleased to announce the

implementation of plans to provide improved marine security for all who use the

waterways inside of Treasure Cay, via controlled access in and out of the channel to the

marina and private residence docks.

Beginning May 1, 2017, the entrance to the Treasure Cay channel north of the fuel dock

will be controlled with a cabled boom system between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM.

Security staff will be available via channel 16 (Treasure Cay Marina) and land line (242-

365-8899) to provide emergency access. Also, emergency docking for boats arriving at

Treasure Cay during the above hours will be available at the fuel dock, so that safe,

accessible, lighted dockage will always be available.

Numerous lighted signs will be installed along the channel so that boaters entering and

leaving the harbor will be given sufficient advance notice when the boom is in place.

Our Treasure Cay security teams will continue their nightly boat patrols in the harbor and

adjacent canals and our land based security guards will be available to assist as necessary.

This long awaited improvement to marine security is important for all boaters who live in

or visit Treasure Cay. This is one more step taken together by the Treasure Cay Property

Owners’ Association and Treasure Cay, Ltd. to see that boaters will have the security

they need and deserve in Treasure Cay.

For additional information contact: Bill McLean, Security Committee Chair


Waypoint Correction

Correct the Emerald Bay waypoint on Chart EX29A, page 47, Exumas and Ragged Island Chartbook, to read 23° 38.29′ N/75° 54.75′ W. The waypoint is correct on page 46,Chart EX 29, and page 17, Chart EX 7.

Cable Near Anchor on Great Inagua Chart

Thanks to a cruiser for alerting us to the danger of an anchor near a submarine cable on the Great Inagua GI 3 . He reported that he anchored at 20° 58.308’N / 73° 40.840W.

We have studied several satellite photos of the area near the position of the anchor on Chart GI 3 at the very top of the chart. One of the photos appears to show traces of three possible cable trenches just east of this position. They lead to a track through the brush inland. A search world submarine cables and shows three cables terminating at Matthew Town, Great Inagua. From there the cables run to Mayaguana, Ragged Island, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The world cable map is not of a large enough scale to be specific as to the exact position of where the cables land. US NGA charts, used as a reference, don’t show any cables landing on Great Inagua.

We will immediately remove the anchor from the data base and all future charts and post an update on the Explorer Charts web site.

Porgee Rocks Light missing

The charted light on Porgee  Rocks east of Nassau Harbour (Fl 3s 8m 5M, near 25° 03.98′ N/77° 14.61′ W) no longer exists. Only a short rusted base of the pole on which the light was mounted remains. We have no information on whether the RBDF intends to replace the light.

Also, the Northwest Channel light remains missing. A tall steel pole that was placed at the charted position last year, just south of the Northwest Channel Waypoint, (25° 28.20′ N/78° 09.60′ W) remains as a hazard with no light at night.



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