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Boat buddies

Is there a spot on here that posts destinations for other boaters?

We are in a 30′ Bayliner heading to South Florida in a few days and looking for others that are going to the Bahamas in mid December.

If anyone is going and looking to travel with another boat, we would appreciate your company and comments.

Thank you,

Ron and Bev

Fuel prices

I only have a smartphone which limits my abilities on line.

Can anyone tell me how to get the current fuel prices? I go to home page and can’t find.

Thank you

West end customs

I saw the post about west end, but they are a year old.

Is west end custom/check in open?

Anyone heading there next month?

New pet policy

I downloaded the form and instructions to receive a permit to bring my dog to the Bahamas. I sent a money order for $15 ($10 for the application and $5 for the fax service). It has been about 5 weeks ago and still no permit. I noticed on this site the the fee has gone up.

Am I still covered? How do I get my permit if they don’t fax it to me? Is there a time frame for the vet’s health certificate? Is a shot record sufficient? Can I get the permit when I get there?

Any response and help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you

Boat buddy

We are presently located in NC and waiting on the season to end before heading to the east coast of Florida. (West Palm Beach area) and looking to head to West End in mid to late November. We are looking for other boaters to join in the trip. We are in a 30′ Bayliner and cruise around 20knts. We will eventually cruise our way through to DR and then on to home in Cabo Rojo, PR.

Thank you,

Ron and Bev