New info on Old Bahama Bay closing

The following sign has been posted at Old Bahama Bay. The comment below is from a fellow cruiser.

Some of the media reports were very dismal sounding … “all employees fired”, etc. It’s hard to believe they would shut down a going entity for a never-to-happen 4.2 billion mega-resort…but…

If you find out they are indeed open, please send a new post or comment to this post. This mess may continue on for a while with the court battles, etc., but on the other hand I don’t want to needlessly alarm cruisers heading over there.

A Concerned Cruiser

5 thoughts on “New info on Old Bahama Bay closing”

  1. friends called yesterday and status has not changed from last update. they recommend that you call ahead to check on available space on the west wall/bulkhead.

  2. a friend called today. marina is closed except for 2 slips on the western wall. gas dock is open. customs is open. no definite plans for the future yet.

  3. Friends crossed and stayed there saturday night. they said the marina was empty but that 10 boats came in saturday. For over nights it was business as usual.

    john (duetto)

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