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Page down to see descriptions of the various Explorer Chart products. Please visit the Explorer online store to purchase your Explorer Charts and Chartbooks, other recommended publications, and C-Map electronic charts. We have available for sale related materials by other authors, such as Chris Parker, Nigel Calder, and Bill Hezlep, as well as all of the C-Map charts for your chartplotters and PCs. Discounts are available.

Explorer Chartbooks

The Explorer Team has consistently provided the best navigational charts and cruising guide information with more research, more data, and more accuracy than any other source for cruising in the Bahamas.

To provide for your navigational needs, Explorer Chartbooks include:

  • Up-to-date large- and small-scale charts
  • Accurate data
  • Beautiful intuitive colors
  • Water-resistant pages
  • Harbour Closeup charts
  • Topographical Features with shoreside facilities, landmarks, roads, and elevation contours
  • Extensive Soundings
  • GPS Waypoints
  • GPS Accu-GridTM for easy cockpit navigation

  • WGS 84 Datum
  • Compass Roses with latest magnetic variation
  • Concise "Need-to-Know Info" on services and facilities, including marina dockage rates
  • Notations for adjoining chart pages
  • The right size for your nav station
  • Long-range tide tables
  • Spiral binding for easy use
  • Easy-to-use format


Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas

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8th Edition, June 26, 2017

The Near Bahamas, the islands closest to Florida, provide a tropical cruising paradise just a short distance from mainland USA.The seventh edition of this popular chartbook includes what you, Bahamas cruisers, ask for -- detailed Gulf Stream Crossing routes plus small- and large-scale charts of the Abacos, the Biminis, the Berrys, Grand Bahama, New Providence, and Andros. The seventh edition incorporates our superior system of digital cartography from latest surveys of these areas for your sojourns and sidetrips--new cruising ground for you to explore with the charts you've come to trust!

  • 77 up-to-date large- and small-scale full-color charts and closeups
  • Tide Tables through 2019

Special Articles including:

  • Crossing the Gulf Stream
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Bahamas Weather
  • Anchoring
  • History and Description
  • Reading the Water
  • Fishing Regulations
  • Flight Services
  • Extensive Help Menu


Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas and Turks & Caicos

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6th edition, January 2015

The lure of The Far Bahamas was a seed planted in our hearts that gradually grew and flourished into the Explorer Chartbook series. It was because of our desire to go to the Bight of Acklins that we found existing charts wanting and came do our own surveys to make our own original charts.

Unlike the other parts of the Bahamas with miles of shallow bank, there is much deep water and little dry land in the Far Bahamas islands, spread out over hundreds of miles from Eleuthera to Inagua. In planning your Far Bahamas odyssey, do your homework first and take along your trusted Explorer chartbook!

This new 6th edition includes 12 additional pages and updates to our 8 original charts of the Turks & Caicos. You’ve asked and the Explorer Team has listened, offering first-time Need-to-Know coverage and accurate charts from on-site surveys as your adventure takes you beyond the Bahamas.

Far Bahamas 6th edition


Special Articles including:

  • Customs and Immigration
  • Far Bahamas Odyssey
  • Medical Air Evacuation
  • Sportsfishing Regulations
  • Cruising the Bight of Acklins
  • All-new Turks and Caicos coverage
  • Flight Services
  • The Samana Debate

Explorer Chartbook Exumas & Ragged Islands

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8th Edition, June, 2017

The true Explorer is always dreaming about new islands on the horizon. In that light our eighth edition of the Explorer Chartbook Exumas and the Ragged Islands presents the chart coverage of the central cruising ground of the Bahamas. We have also given a complete facelift to all of our original Exuma charts--digitally redrawn to pinpoint accuracy using aerial photographs. We've also added two new charts--crossing the Yellow Bank and Emerald Bay. You'll notice border scales, new and corrected data, depth contours, updated variation, chart page overlaps, and notes on "Joins page..." We've conducted new surveys in many areas, especially most extensively in the Ragged Island chain.










  • 66 cruiser-friendly full-color Explorer charts and insets
  • Tide Tables through 2019

Special Articles including:

  • GPS & Piloting
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Bahamas Weather
  • Anchoring
  • History and Description
  • Health and Safety Tips
  • Reading the Water
  • Piloting the Exuma Cuts
  • Communications & Radio Frequencies
  • Radio Etiquette
  • Lionfish for the Table

Bahamas Overview Chart

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3rd Edition, 2015

The best-ever intuitively colored chart of the entire Bahamas chain, including the Turks and Caicos. Cartography you trust by The Explorer team of Monty Lewis and Kate Fears.

Bahamas Overview Chart









Special Features including:

  • 19"x25"
  • Water-resistant/tearproof
  • Suitable for framing (shipped unfolded in a tube)
  • Excellent for overall planning
  • Showing majenta routes of longer passages
  • Perfect for family or friends to follow your route
  • Small-scale (1:1,650,000) from Ft. Pierce, FL to Great Inagua
  • Including Turks and Caicos Islands, Cuba, the Cay Sal Bank, and the Cochinos Bank
  • Containing table of nautical symbols, abbreviatiions, and terms

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