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Anchoring to the east of Grand Bahama Yacht CLub

Well, due to the silting in of the Silver Cove inlet, caused by Hurricane Matthew, many deeper draft boats, leave Ocean Reef Yacht Club, on a high tide, and move over to Lucaya, to anchor till morning, when they leave.  Deeper water in that channel, at all times of the tide.

So, I decided to do the same, and anchored to the east of the GBYC, and not in anyones way.  Sitting there, a pontoon boat comes out, and the Bahamian captain asks me, “what are your intentions”.  So, I asked back, what do you mean, “what are my intentions”?  He then proceeded to tell me that I could not anchor in front of the marina….I have never had this happen to  me before…and I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this situation in Lucaya, Grand Bahama.

I did explain that I would be leaving in the morning, early, but that did not make any difference to him.

Thank you…DenO

2 Responses to Anchoring to the east of Grand Bahama Yacht CLub

  • Tingum says:

    Next time just tell him NO! By Bahamian law all beaches are public up to the hi water mark. There are no laws limiting anchoring except is busy channels

  • kate says:

    Comments received via email:

    Just get a slip at Lucaya and pay them.
    –Joe. C.


    Yes, that seems to be true. I have read similar comments on Active Captain.


    Not a big surprise ! The Bahamians are getting more and more aggressive at “pushing the tourist around” . You can stand your ground and if all else fails tell them “The Captain is ill and we will move as soon as he is feeling strong enough” by law no one can move the vessel (except in emergency) .
    AS long as you are not impeding the transit of other vessels you should be OK.

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