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Explorer Chartbook Waypoint Corrections

Three errors have been found in Waypoint Lists in two chartbooks. Please note the following in your books:


On the Waypoint List on p. 62, there is an error in the Schooner Bay waypoint. (The same waypoint on Chart 4 p. 13 and Chart AB 25 on p. 46 is correct on the charts; the error is only on the Waypoint List.)
Please change the Schooner Bay waypoint on p. 62 to

26° 10.50’N
77° 09.95’ W.


On the Waypoint List on p. 55, there is an error in the French Bay (San Salvador) waypoint and the French Cay (Turks & Caicos) waypoint. (The same waypoints on Chart SAN 1 p. 41, Chart SAN 3 p. 42, and Chart TC1 p. 74 are correct on the charts; the error is only on the Waypoint List.)

Please change the French Bay waypoint on p. 55 to
23° 56.35’N
72° 33.05’ W.

and the French Cay waypoint on p. 55 to

21° 30.30’N
72° 12.40’ W.

Thanks much to Captain Bradley Elder for pointing out two of these errors and helping us to find the third. Many times we are asked for a digital waypoint list so the captain can plug in the entire list of waypoints into the GPS chartplotter. This type of transcription error is exactly why we don’t make available a digital waypoint list. We always say that it is not wise to enter a list because of the possibility of errors in the original list. It is best to type in and verify your own list of the waypoints you actually use. It’s not necessary to have all the waypoints on your GPS; you can never use all of them. On our vessel, we put in waypoints only as necessary that we need for the trip. We check them carefully as we enter them to see if they appear on the right place on the chart.

After all the proofreading we do, we still somehow missed these errors. We greatly apologize for these mistakes but are grateful that they have been caught and corrected.

We encourage you to let us know of anything else you suspect might not be correct so that we can check it and rectify any mistakes.

Monty Lewis

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