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New fuel and dockage survey, September 10, 2016

Most fuel prices changed little since the last survey in June. It is now the middle of the slow season for marinas and fuel inventories are being held longer. Several marinas have closed or reduced hours until November. The new monthly Explorer Fuel and Dockage survey is posted on our website Click on Fuel and Dockage prices in the menu on the left side of the home page.

As always, we appreciate the individual reports you send us of any changes in prices from the date of this survey. Send an email to for any new prices you find until the next survey.

Winding Bay, Abaco, Update

Just wanted to give you an update on Winding Bay’s latest shenanigans.

RDA (Responsible Development for Abaco), with a lot of help from Fred Smith, filed for a Judicial Review against 9 government departments for “lack of consultation”. As a result, BEST posted the EIA, EMP, latest site plan, and a couple of cover-your-ass letters on their website ( They also called a town meeting in Cherokee Sound on June 27th. At the meeting, the developers announced that the marina was critical to the survival of the Abaco Club, and would generate 1000 construction jobs. A ludicrous number, any way you look at it. They said that 6 moorings would have to be moved, but couldn’t say where to, or whose moorings they are.

They also said that WSC (Water and Sewerage Corp.) had tested the water in LH and found it “unswimmable”, full of E. coli and fecal matter, and that their marina would actually clean up the harbour by installing a pump out station. Please see below a couple of quotes along these lines, and also WSC’s response to our queries about the tests. There’s a big difference between “unswimmable” and “undrinkable”.

We now have bumper stickers, T shirts, and a video on Youtube, at
I’m also attaching an aerial photo of the harbour, with marina superimposed. This IS to scale!

Let’s hope they do a Disney, and leave us alone!

A former cruiser and Little Harbour resident

1. From an article in the Tribune, “Minister to activists: don’t deny us jobs”.

They (Abaco Club) also disclosed that testing by the Water & Sewerage Corporation in February 2016 revealed that Little
Harbour is “unswimmable”, due to the unsafe level of human waste contamination in its water.
Picking up this theme, Mr Rolle said yesterday: “Based on the feedback we got, there is no environmental
management at [Little Harbour currently] at all, no provisions for pump out, and massive pollution taking place
there now.”

2. From an article in the Tribune, “Marina eyes Blue Flag quality stamp”.

Tom Southworth, Southworth Development’s vice-president of development, said a February 2016 study
by the Water & Sewerage Corporation had revealed “alarming” results.
“The developer has had its own concerns about waste contamination in Little Harbour for some time, based on
eye witness accounts and watching boat discharges in broad day light and reports by residents of swimming in –
and seeing – human waste,” the meeting notes said.
“The commentary from the last meeting (September 2015) led the developer to investigate further. The Water
and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) conducted an independent study in February 2016 and the results, as
feared, were alarming.
“E-coli and fecal contamination were found to be beyond safe levels, and indicative of human waste
contamination and sewerage pollution. Unfortunately, Little Harbour is not the sanctuary that many
have made it out to be. Irresponsible waste management practices have rendered the harbour

3. WSC’s reply to our queries about the “pollution”.

On Jul 7, 2016, at 4:45 PM, wrote:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your query. We spoke briefly.

WSC would appreciate if you can provide the source of your concerns so
that we can provide a more formal response. I note that you mentioned
several sources (press releases, statements, news clippings, meeting
minutes , etc),

We can advise however that at the request of The Abaco Club, a few samples
from Little Harbour seawater were taken and tested along with our Drinking
(potable) Water Samples. As is expected, the results would indicate that
the water is not of drinking water quality, and as it is, would contain
micro-organisms that could occur naturally within the environment.

Due to the nature of the Tests that were undertaken however, it would be
irresponsible for WSC or any other entity to conclude using these results
that the area is not fit for recreational activities, especially since
there are no known reports of any adverse incidents within the area.
Specific testing should be conducted in this regard. These types of tests
are typically undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment, and well
beyond the expertise available at the Corporation.

In no way therefore would, or could the Corporation advise that this area
is contaminated.

We therefore look forward to hearing from you as we seek to conclude this
matter. We also continue to follow-up on Abaco.

Thank you.

Cyprian Gibson
Tel: (242) 302-5546
Cell: (242) 376-8463

West end bound

Getting geared up for a crossing to west end from east coast fla – Jupiter/ Stuart/ wpb tbd possibly as early as the first week of July to mid month to be in Hopetown by the last week of July.  Looking for any buddy boats and or weather links/ recommendations.   41′ american tug 4’10” draft cruising 10+ knots thanks Hooty Hoo II

New fuel and dockage survey, June 18

Fuel prices were up in this months survey with the exception of four marinas having slightly lower diesel prices and only one of them with a lower gasoline price. Lyford Cay lowered dockage to $4.50 and Treasure Cay raised moorings to $30 and now charges $20 to anchor in the harbour.

Long Island Petroleum has completed a new fuel dock with deeper access.

As always, we appreciate the individual reports you send us to keep this survey updated. Send an email to for any new prices you find until the next survey.

Explorer Charts

Garmin Chartplotters come with preloaded maps for all U.S. coastal areas and the Bahamas. The current release (February 2015) does NOT have Explorer Bahamas data for the Little Bahama Bank, most of Grand Bahama, the Abacos, Great Inagua, and the Turks and Caicos.

I ordered Garmin V2 charts, does it have Explorer information, if not will an App help bridge the information I might need?


Response from Minister of Tourism

One of the cruisers who responded to the Chatter correspondence regarding boat thefts in the Bahamas received this reply from Obie Wilchcombe, the Minister of Tourism:

Thank you for taking the time to write and raising the Flag on the issue that is troubling and must meet affirmative action. We are and will intensify all efforts and prevent the small few from destroying our land of friendship and hospitality
Thanks for your support and your contribution to our nation.


Boat/Dinghy Thefts in the Bahamas

We are getting more frequent reports of thefts from cruising yachts and from marinas. Some vessels stolen were larger outboards; many are dinghies, some large with big outboards. Reports have come from the Abacos, Nassau and George Town. Nassau thefts have occurred from a paddleboarder sneaking into marinas.

Concern is growing among cruisers and many are expressing the possibility that they will completely avoid these areas in the future.

To make your feelings known and to press for some government action on this issue, here is some contact information for Bahamas Tourism.

Bahamas Tourism George Town
Pet Hanna

Bahamas Tourism Nassau
Minister of Tourism
Obie Wilchcombe

Let them know the seriousness of the thefts in terms of loss of tourism in the Bahamas. Perhaps it will get some action to stop and further prevent this threat to cruising yachts and other vessels in the Bahamas.

New fuel and dockage survey for May

Fuel prices were mixed in this months survey. Three marinas raised dockage prices and two marinas lower their rates. The rest remained the same.

Harbour View Marina in Marsh Harbour announced the installation of five new moorings available for $15 a night. Emerald Bay Marina now has an ATM on site.

As always, we appreciate the individual reports you send us to keep this survey updated. Send an email to for any new prices you find until the next survey.

Thieves in Nassau Harbour

The following post  is from The Salty Southeast Cruisers Net dated April 18, 2016:

Round the clock deck watch seems to be the only answer to such a bold thief. Nassau is the capital and largest city of the Bahamas. It lies on the island of New Providence, with neighboring Paradise Island accessible via Nassau Harbor bridges.

Boat thieves have been busy in Nassau riding paddle boards up to docked vessels and stealing everything of value. The local police and BASRA calls the perp “Spider-Man” and always seems to give the constables the slip.

In Marsh Harbour last night, boat thieves hit a large catamaran motor yacht making off with their large RIB while yacht has docked at Harbourview Marina. All yachties are advised lock their tenders and tow-behinds and keep a lookout in the dark of night.

John Wampler

Two businesses closed on Man-O-War Cay

Albury’s Harbour Grocery and Lola Sawyer’s Home Bakery have closed on Man-O-War Cay, Abaco. This leaves Man-O-War Grocery as the only grocery store on Man-O-War Cay now.